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Comment: Start with the end in mind (Score 2, Insightful) 1146

by o1d5ch001 (#28959161) Attached to: Navigating a Geek Marriage?

This is not cynical... really.

As someone currently going through a divorce (mostly amicable), I have come to the conclusion that starting at the end can be very instructional. Sit down and write your separation agreement. Who gets what part of the pension/401k/RRSPs etc. Who gets the house, does the house get sold? Who gets spousal support and with whom will the children live. Set aside $20,000 for lawyers if you have a small agreement and set aside $50,000 and 4 years for big disagreements. And yes, this is money that you will never see again, and gains you very little.

Write down moving restrictions around children, this means that you probably can't easily leave the city you separate in because it is unlikely that your children will want your near, and you will want to be near your children.

Set aside an extra $20,000 dollars for extra transportation since you won't be sharing a vehicle any longer.

If you make more than your spouse, how much will you pay in spousal support. Look forward to a dramatically reduced lifestyle, since about 1/2 of your pay will no longer be yours for at least the first year of separation and couple of years of spousal support.

Set aside money for your mid-life crisis. It really doesn't matter how much, but make sure it is a percentage of your current gross, and expect you both to spend it between your 34th and 44th years.. say 10% of gross for four years. This is valid for those getting a divorce or not.

Set aside now, $4000/year for couples/your counseling to help you deal with the grief of the failed relationship/ job/ life you will experience.

And finally, write up a prenuptial agreement with a lawyer now. Both of you. Pay a lawyer to help you both write it. Marriages are expenses, divorces are an endless expense, know the risks.

Oh.. and Congratulations!! *throws rice*

p.s. If you read this and say "oh.. this doesn't apply to us" think again.

The Courts

+ - Court Rules MySpace Posts Aren't Private

Submitted by
The Narrative Fallacy
The Narrative Fallacy writes "Following a visit to her hometown of Coalinga California in 2005, Cynthia Moreno wrote "An ode to Coalinga," and posted it in her MySpace page. The Ode opened with "the older I get, the more I realize how much I despise Coalinga" and made a number of negative comments about Coalinga and its inhabitants. The entry was posted for six days before Moreno removed it but that was long enough for the principal of Coalinga High School to find the ode and forward it to Pamela Pond, editor of the Coalinga Record, who published it in the newspaper's letters section. Local reaction was swift. Moreno's parents say they received death threats, a gun shot was fired at their home and her father's 20-year-old business lost so much money that it was closed and the family moved out of town. Moreno and her family responded by suing for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Now a Fresno based appellate court says Moreno had no grounds for her claim of invasion of privacy even if she meant her thoughts for a limited audience. "Cynthia's affirmative act made her article available to any person with a computer and, thus, opened it to the public eye," wrote Justice Levy. However, the claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress was not dismissed and a jury will get to decide if the defendants' conduct was extreme and outrageous. In the meantime the editor who republished the essay has been fired and lawyer Eric Goldman, Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law, wonders "if the violent and ostracizing community response to Moreno's post didn't in fact validate some of her critiques.""

Comment: Re:Useful Idiots (Score 1) 235

by o1d5ch001 (#25607741) Attached to: How China Will Use Cyber Warfare To Leapfrog Foes
just war
You had me up to this point. The fallacy of the "Just War" in the western world is just that. A story that people in the West don't connect the dots from American projecting their influence through financial or military force into the lives and governments of billions around the world. In turn causing the death and mutilation of 100,000s of innocent people, in Iraq alone.
The fact that only the Islamics have been successful in bring the war back to American shores amplifies the fact that the worlds super-power does a very good job of keeping the worlds population under its control.

Science Daily: Colon Cancer A Disease Of Hormone Deficiency, Scientists Suggest->

From feed by sdfeed
Researchers have found new evidence suggesting that colon cancer is a disease of missing hormones that could potentially be treated by hormone replacement therapy. Early in colon cancer development, two intestinal cell growth-controlling hormones are "lost," disrupting the activity of the hormones' receptor, GCC. Using two mouse models of colon cancer development in people, the scientists showed that GCC signaling blocks tumors from forming, meaning that colon cancer could be a disease of hormone insufficiency.
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+ - The 8 Hottest I.T. Management Jobs->

Submitted by Austerlitz28
Austerlitz28 (992500) writes "This Baseline survey, compiled with Robert Half Technology Foote Partners, offers a glimpse at the most in-demand jobs in I.T. It's not a surprise that CIOs like hands-on implementation experience, but increasingly, they also want some perspective on the business.

From the article: "Unlike two or three years ago, the market is much more employee-driven," says Jon Estes, vice president at Robert Half Technology, an I.T. staffing and recruiting firm. "But employers are asking for technologists who have good business ideas and understand how what they're doing affects the bottom line.""

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+ - Police kill filesharer in front of family

Submitted by Shadowruni
Shadowruni (929010) writes "On July 21st, 2007 theDattebayo[] staff was arrested at Otakon.

They've released subtitled (AKA fansubbed) copies of Naurto and Bleach online. The reason these even show on Cartoon network can likely be traced back to these guys making those shows available to American audiances.

The Dattebayo staff were arrested at the Baltimore Convention Center as they prepared for their panel as part of the Otakon Convention. Uniformed police officers, along with legal counsel of a complaintent company, approached the stage shortly before the presentation was to begin. Witnesses said that along with the arrest, the officers seized the laptop of one of the group members, which was intended to be used for presentation purposes.

When they arrived at the home of one of the staff members they were surprised to find that the member had removed all the hard drives from his computer and they now lay in pieces in a garbage bag. Frustrated officers then began to yell at that staff member and accused him of destroying evidence. When the staff member met their response with silence they decided to take him into custody. Family members looked on in shock as they tasered this individual repeatedly despite him not fighting back. Suddenly, the staff member began to convulse on the floor. Doctors would later say that the individual had suffered an epileptic seizure, possibly resulting from the repeated tasering. Officers claim they then mistook these convulsions for an attempt at escape and one of the officers fired his firearm, injuring the individual. The injured staff member, in handcuffs, was later transported to a local hospital where he is now in critical condition in the ICU.

He died at 2:43 AM the next morning, leaving behind a wide and two young children."

+ - Death Of The Ameican IT Worker?

Submitted by teched58
teched58 (1126717) writes "To H-1B Or Not To H-1B? asks whether this story sounds familiar: "Dave Lovelace laughs when you ask about the purported shortage of qualified IT workers. He has 35 years of senior-level IT experience under his belt, he's written books. Apparently, though, nobody needs his services. Over the past 24 months, he's applied for hundreds of jobs. It's rare he gets even a courtesy e-mail or call in return." Do you think we're facing an IT shortage of crisis proportions, like Bill Gates and other business leaders claim, or are we systematically destroying a skilled and capable homegrown workforce?"

+ - Terrorists guilty until proven innocent->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Australian Government is well behind in the polls with an election due by the end of the year — so time to wave the terrorist doll, scream 'Terrorist, Terrorist", and hope the voters are scared out their wits.
An Indian doctor is working in Australia, and he went to med school with some of the terrorist suspects in England. He apparently left a mobile phone SIM card with his English cousin, and so after being locked up for more than a week without charge he was finally charged with "recklessly lending a SIM card to terrorists". Now this guy may be innocent or guilty of something or other, but when a magistrate released him on bail the Immigration Minister immediately revoked his work visa, and now he's off to an immigration detention centre. We Aussies have learnt from Guantanamo Bay !"

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+ - Solar Powered Air Conditioner by SolCool->

Submitted by
Jill writes "Since the hottest months of the year are also the sunniest — the idea of using solar energy to power your air-conditioner makes perfect sense. SolCool's super smart Millennia air-conditioner uses solar power to cool you down during the height of summer steaminess — cleverly making use of the summer heat instead of blindly fighting it."
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+ - What is the Who's Who of Security Certification?

Submitted by lunarpaladin
lunarpaladin (869647) writes "Okay, so I'm a junior admin (MCSA, Security+, CSA) that has finally come to find what he wants to specialize in. Security. I love reading about different security practices, methods, and technologies. My problem is that when it comes to actual certification, there is an overwhelming amount of certs, courses, books, and the like out there for this area of study. Where does one even begin? I'm totally lost. Is there a recommended or suggested certification/study path for one who wants to become a specialist in this area? What have you guys done to get to where you are now?"
User Journal

Journal: New Homesteaders

Journal by o1d5ch001

I would love to hear from any slashdotters who have been thinking about homesteading. I have been obsessing about getting out of the city and being independent, leaving some of the consumer world behind. My wife thinks I am nuts, and I don't think that we will actually move to some backwoods any time soon. Anyone else sharing my obesession?

If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.