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by Greyfox (#48227903) Attached to: Peter Kuran:Visual Effects Artist and Atomic Bomb Archivist
Because we fucking well could. We had a shiny new toy and we wanted to play with it. The things we were learning were supposed to usher in a brave new future and in our arrogance we thought we understood and control them. "Oh! It's perfectly safe to explode one of these things in the Van Allen Belt! After all, it's Clean, Atomic, Energy!" That little mess in the pacific pretty much put an end to our fun and games, though. We told the people involved in all that it was safe. A lot of them died of cancer. Oh well, you want to make an omelette, ya gotta break a few eggs.

My favorite story from back then was about the demon core. Google it.

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by ScentCone (#48218081) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

Actually, we are sending several fighter jets to bomb ISIS, right now. Odds are that's what is precipitating these attacks.

No, nutballs who decide to kill soldiers on the street because they are part of an organization that is taking some modest steps to help stop other nutballs from killing more innocents as those nutballs attempt to institute a medieval Islamic thugocracy in as many places as possible ... that's what precipitated these attacks.

If the crazies weren't mad at the concept of having their Islamist wet dream torn down, then their followers in places like Canada wouldn't be getting the message to go out and kill soldiers in the street. None of that would happen without theocratic wackadoos deciding to kill those who are trying to stop their tactics. The attacks in Canada were precipitated by religion, not by Canada's involvement in trying to stop any army of tens of thousands of religious murders.

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I thought I had some of their titles from there, but it's been a while since I checked. I don't really go seeking out EA titles for the reasons we're all familiar with. Last time they bought a game company I liked I swore for about 10 minutes, because I knew that once EA got ahold of them with that famous reverse-Midas-touch of theirs, the company and its software would turn into shit. Oh well, whatcha gonna do...

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by Baldrson (#48214889) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

Khallow writes:

And it's worth noting here that despite whatever the American Physical Society or the US Department of Energy has said about cold fusion in 1989, research continues.

In the US it continues among professors emeritus that are dying off now at an epidemic rate.

They aren't really in the way now. I don't expect conservative, perhaps hide-bound institutions to embrace every new concept that comes along, even if in theory, that's their job.

A graduate student who attempts to so much as replicate an existing experiment is putting his entire career in jeopardy, starting with the Texas A&M fiasco where the APS took seriously allegations of fraud against such a graduate student's thesis of fraud. Those allegations were made by a "science journalist" whose main claim to fame is a diet book

There is a huge distance between embracing speculative theories and blanket rejection of experimental results.

It may well have been that no one ever actually refused to look through Galileo's telescope. But the behavior of the scientific establishment toward experimental results is clearly a pattern which, even if nothing of substance is behind cold fusion phenomena, is indictable. (Read "Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed" by Charles Beaudette for multiple examples of such behavior.)

Theories are not experiments. Popperian falsification applies to experimental falsification of theory -- not theoretic falsification of experiment, which is impossible. Indeed, even experiments do not falsify other experiments except to the extent that they demonstrate a hypothesized explanation of experimental error is true. Here again the pattern of behavior by the true believers in fashionable interpretation of physical theory demonstrate time and time again they have made errors reckless that they make the errors of Fleischmann and Pons in their neutron measurements look trivial.

Where do you think, for example, the APS "embraced" experiments by Caltech et al sit on Fig. 3 of Storms's paper?

Clue: They're so far outside anything remotely intellectually honest that they fall way off to the left of the figure -- and _this_ is what your estemed authorities used to claim Fleischmann and Pons were guilty of fraud, incompetence and/or delusion.

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For I too have, far too often, put some money into something EA said would be awesome and it turned out to be a pile of crap. With time, you'll learn to be suspicious of anything EA says. Next year when they do "Restockening, the Sequil", I assure you that it will suck every bit as much as the original did. If you wait a few months before buying, you might be able to pick their stock up cheap (or possibly even free) during a Steam sale. That's just how you need to play the game, if you don't want to waste your money.

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About 6 billion of the world population are muslims, that's around 23% of the world population.

I'm going to bet that even some of the most jihad-obsessed radicals, fresh from what passes for school Taliban-land, are better at math than you are.

If there are 6 billion Muslims, and they make up 23% of the world population, that means the world as a population of over 26 billion people.

Do you know some secret place on the planet where we're hiding almost 20 billion extra, previously unknown people?

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High income college educated whites vote Republican.

73% of Asian Americans voted for Obama in the last election.

If NPR can put even more college educated white techies out of work by importing even more Asian techies, they'll get more of existing whites voting Democrat and more immigrants who are known to vote Democrat even at high income levels.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.