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Submission + - Google Analytics - Its the Conversions, Stupid->

nywanna writes: "Google Analytics is much more than just a program to tell you where your visitors came from — it can be a very powerful diagnostic tool for your website. Mark Daoust explains in Its About the Conversions, Stupid how he increased registrations on his site by 143% in two weeks using nothing but Google Analytcs."
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Submission + - Why Most SEO's Need to Shut Up

nywanna writes: "The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is quickly getting a bad reputation among web developers and users. Not only do many SEO's seem to be willing to do just about anything for a link, but within the industry itself there is little to no agreement on what the rules of SEO are. "Why Most SEO's Need to Shut Up" looks at the SEO industry and why SEO's are getting such a bad reputation."

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