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Comment: Re:Ahem! (Score 1) 405

by nwks (#29858651) Attached to: EFF Warns TI Not To Harass Calculator Hobbyists
Oh for Christ's sake; this is an American watchdog group working to curtail an American company using American courts to harass their (TI) customers. The EFF web page is sluggish so I can't refer to the original article to confirm my suspicion that the offending code was on server in America. Sometimes political Correctness does serve a purpose, but I don't know purpose it's serving here.

Comment: Re:Religion and Internet Filtering (Score 1) 113

by nwks (#29017921) Attached to: Malaysian Government Wants Internet Filtering
According to the map legend black signifies Heavy surveillance. Effective censorship, and splitting hairs I understand. But I live in the USA, so I'm more concerned that my country is not a solid blue. Anyway can we really expect governments, and those private enterprises who's profits depend on placating governments not users to be forthright to the extent of surveillance or out right censorship?

Comment: Re:Good. (Score 1) 243

by nwks (#23977531) Attached to: Intentional GPS Jamming On the Increase
"Wanna take a guess how many of these new truckers are just listening to their GPS units blindly?" Most likely every new AND old driver that needs their job. More and more computers are being used to map out routes for fuel efficiency. Yea you would think the drivers would notice the problem in time to avoid it, but the last I knew they where fallible humans too. I can imagine it now in unfamiliar terratory and the map I'm forced to use says turn right here, SHIT who put that low bridge there?

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