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Comment: Is all this righteous effort going the wrong way? (Score 1) 297

by nvatvani (#29092251) Attached to: GPL Case Against Danish Satellite Provider

Hosnestly, when it comes to businesses and GPL some small dose of "okay, I'll pretend I didn't see that" is needed!

GPL will only be popular is more businesses use their fruits, and business can sometimes only be fruitful by relying on GPL code.

GPL is competition unfriendly as far as businesses are concerned because whatever enhancements a business makes to the code, they are forced to publish it and let their competition burst with laughter.

Also, looking at the Danish Satellite Company, they seem to be offering non-existentially threatening products.

Wouldn't it be better if this focus of GPL abuse is shifted to say .... Comcast and other companies that threaten net-neutrality .... for example? I mean those companies would be an existential threat to GPL (among others) wouldn't they? So why focus on the Danish Satellite Company BvHD?

Comment: Re:Show me some example code (Score 1) 382

by nvatvani (#26369913) Attached to: The Power of the R Programming Language
Actually, from what I see - I feel that Matlab is a superset of R. A big difference to your "overlap" comment.

The only benefit of R is OSS. This is also technically bad because another OSS project (Octave) also exists.

Would it not be better if R and Octave were consolidated and their differences merged together?

Whatever the case, I don't see Matlab losing ground (unless they seriously hike their costs).

Comment: The Bullshit Continues (Score 2, Insightful) 97

by nvatvani (#25553593) Attached to: Tech Giants In Human Rights Deal

Unless NGO's have an office/unit internally within Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google to oversee their conducts and verify their compliance to the flashy Global Code they are taunting - all this is just a PR stunt.

With ANY company:

  • FIRST comes MONEY!!!
  • SECOND comes morals (if any, and entirely optional).

Dead? No excuse for laying off work.