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Feed DS-Xtreme bumped to 2GB, costs as much as a DS->

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It's just always gotta be "more, more, more" with you, doesn't it? Never content with the 512MB DS-Xtreme homebrew cart your mother brought you into the world with, you've gotta go for a whole 2GB to house your various homebrew, ROMs, game backups and musics. Well, we're right there with you, and that's why we're happy to report that the DS-X folks have released a 2GB version of their homebrew companion, for the hefty sum of $130. Hey, nobody said being pirate user of legitimately acquired ROMs, backups and homebrew was cheap.

[Via OhGizmo!]

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Comment Trace Memory (Score 1) 52

I didn't actually get around to finishing Trace Memory, but I enjoyed it a lot, as did my wife (which struck me as strange since she doesn't normally play too many games, but I can blame her for my addiction to Pokemon). I find it very refreshing as I am now finding myself shying away from twitch and gore games and looking for a deeper storyline. My only gripe with trace memory was that the puzzles were too simple, but if you realize that it's not about the puzzle and instead about the story, you can find something really worth your time...

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