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Comment: Warranty at Portugal (Score 1) 156

by nunokjpg (#43995647) Attached to: Apple Revises Warranty Policies In Europe To Comply With EU Laws
At Portugal you can claim the warranty from the Seller or the Manufacturer at your choice. The warranty period is for AT LEAST 2 years, or anytime later if you can prove it was a manufacturer defect (basically impossible except if it is a class issue). Apple did give me some trouble back in 2009 to repair a MBP battery with about 18 months and I asked them nicely to fuck off. They replaced it after a few days.

Comment: Re:Justice (Score 1) 353

by nunokjpg (#31868768) Attached to: PS3 Owner Refunded For Missing "Other OS"

a) Functions that any reasonable person would expect the product to have, based on the advertising but also on similar products on the market. This doesn't obviate the customer's responsibility to do some research, just covers too-obvious-to-check things like if your brand new DVD recorder didn't include a DVD playback function

I returned an Iphone 3G in this spirit. "I don't know any other phone were I can't resent or forward a text message".

Comment: My incredible and perfect solution (Score 1) 117

by nunokjpg (#31428436) Attached to: Linux Takes Over E-Voting In Australian State
Give a receipt to all voters with: voterID random-challenge hash(voterID, random-challenge, vote option) Then create a online list with all the population hashs ordered by vote option. Only who knows the random-challenge can check that the vote was indeed accouted for that "vote option". Should I start run to go patent this? :P

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