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Comment Re:WHY does this NEVER hapen to me? (Score 2, Insightful) 926

Good luck sueing the slovak police... there were cases were real harm was done and it took years to sort it out, sometimes at the european level (I am a Slovak living in Slovakia and following the local news).

Here it looks like the slovak police botched their job, but it took irish officers to make a royal mess of it ;)

The local media coverage (by any means _not_ government friendly) says that

1) the slovak authorities informed the pilot who was still waiting for takeoff and he decided that this is not a threat and continued the flight

2) the Dublin airport was informed during the flight. They later reported back that they did not find any explosive, but the officer informed his boss two days (!) later, triggering the a bit chaotic operation.

From the information circulating I tend to believe that the Dublin airport was sitting on the failed catching of the "parcel" for two days and is doing damage control now.


Submission + - Lets all do the Samba! Merry Christmas!->

The Open Sourcerer writes: "Fantastic! The EU vs. Microsoft litigation that finished a couple of months ago has finally bourne fruit. The Samba team now have royalty free access to the protocol documentation for Windows Workgroup protocols. Read the full story over on Groklaw. Big thanks are due to PJ for keeping the pressure on the EU so its judgement provided a way for Microsoft to deliver their protocol specs without encumbering users and developers with Patent restrictions and licenses. Merry Christmas — This is a BIG deal for the Open Source Community and what a great way to finish what has been a pretty stonking year for OSS in general."
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Submission + - Mac Intel Virtualization Benchmarking

An anonymous reader writes: MacTech has a write up on the differences between booting Windows XP in the three different options on an Intel-based Mac. They benchmark Parallels, VMware Fusion and Bootcamp. They come to surprising results in the virtualized options with Parallels on top of VMware's Fusion. In some cases the virtualized OS was faster than the bare metal.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 546

I do see a point. There are applications that require a compiler - maybe not C on input, maybe not x86 on output, but if the compiler is written nicely, there are clearly reusable parts. Products of both my previous and current company include non-trivial compilers.

Unfortunately gcc is such complex project that there is nobody to speak to if we want to buy (parts of) it relicensed. We did this with another GPL product where the number of authors was small and we were able to negotiate. A BSD-licensed code would be a great advantage.

I understand that GPL people don't like the idea of using code in closed-source products. Fine, no problem with this, I contributed to quite a few GPL products - they help me to do the job, so I give something back. But my stance is that using a BSD-type licensed code in closed-source product is ethically OK as long as one gives back all patches and ideas or helps the product in other ways.

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