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Comment: And you can't opt out (Score 2) 142

by number17 (#49077609) Attached to: Breakthrough In Face Recognition Software
The grocery store or ATM, with cameras all over the place, could do it by simply having a sign at the front of the store that says CCTV. They could record your picture at the register and associate it with a bank card or credit card. After 5 transactions they could guarantee that the person using that card has your face and is likely the owner. They could then flag how many times somebody else uses your card. They could track you throughout the store, like they do now but associated with an individual. Stores would have cameras at the entrances and exits. They would know how many people are currently in the store and who they are. They can't track though, I use cash, right?

The grocery store subscribes to a third party a face recognition aggregator.

At the beginning you'll have a shadow profile (#34950892). All it takes it one pump at a gas station, or taking cash out at the ATM to associate your face. About the only thing you could do is wear a disguise, but a different one each time.

Comment: Missing Something (Score 1) 66

by number17 (#48979127) Attached to: Alibaba Tests Drone Delivery Service In China
So I see the copter starting to land infront of the apartment building in the video and then it cuts to her drinking the tea. How long does the copter wait before taking off again? Does it or somebody notify her that its waiting outside? How can they be so trusting to land it in that location without visual? Hitting a tree seems inevitable.

Comment: Re:So much for drivers ranking passengers (Score 1) 98

by number17 (#48968175) Attached to: Google To Compete With Uber, Uber To Explore Autonomous Transportation

At that point, unless they've been very clever about spoofing their details when the hailed the ride(or just stole somebody's phone), you could more or less automatically deliver the lost article(if they left something in the car and you want to score some customer service points), the bill, or the court summons(if you are less than pleased with how they treated the vehicle) to their place of residence.

Sorry my baby puked in the car. She just had breakfast and I didn't have any wipes on me to clean it up properly. You can send me the $0.05 bill for the tissue you used to clean it up.

Something like this is easy to clean up but would completely turn off the next person from using it. We aren't going to start harassing single mothers are we?

Comment: Re:Oh God, not again (Score 1) 740

by number17 (#48965605) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations

You may think that that's the only way of having roads, but it clearly isn't if you look at history.

I would honestly like to know how that worked out. Anything I can find on non-government roads are either private roads on private property, or homeowners associations. The first involves you owning the land, the second involves you being a part of a micro-government.

I just don't see how this would possibly work if a homeowner didn't want to pay for the road in front of their house, especially in a city. On a snow day like today would it just not get plowed for 20 feet?

Comment: Re:Eating itself? (Score 1) 265

by number17 (#48964757) Attached to: Don't Sass Your Uber Driver - He's Rating You Too

Blake Ross suggests [medium.com] that you pack a few items with you while you're taking a taxi:

The article says it was written on December 2, 2014, but I think it was written in 2004 and published in 2014.

A quick search brings up the Nevada Taxicab Authority complaints page. The form isn't a PDF. Maybe it was in 2004. Best guess is that Blake Ross uses Bing search after his kerfuffle with Google.

Comment: Re:Sad... (Score 1) 242

by number17 (#48964575) Attached to: RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest
Sounds like they are just following their Canadian counterparts. Radioshack was bought(?) by Circuit City and had to stop using the name back in 2005.

Meanwhile Sears sold their flagship store in 2013 and has laid many layoffs since. Had you asked me two years ago whether Sears would go out of business before Target in Canada I would have picked Sears. To be fair though, Target never really tried.

Comment: Re:VirtualBox has been excellent, but needs QA (Score 1) 288

by number17 (#48942241) Attached to: VirtualBox Development At a Standstill

Major releases happen with auto-update notifications and then you realize that your old snapshots can't be started

[knock on wood] I've had good luck by shutting down the guest OS and then taking a snapshot. I had numerous unresolved issues with VM's that were snapshotted in a saved mode not starting properly after an upgrade of VirtualBox.

Comment: Re:There is no single method. (Score 1) 251

by number17 (#48917289) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Medium For Personal Archive?

Everything you store offsite should have at least two layers of strong encryption using different crypt-algorithms

Encryption has to be part of the solution, but it also starts introducing problems when talking about offsite storage hosting.

You have to take into account the size of encrypted container and how it is transferred. Before putting down much money, do some quick tests to see if you can do an incremental backup or whether you will be transferring a 1TB container every time a file within it is changed. If so, find out how much your ISP charges for bandwidth overages, then figure out whether the hosting provider also charges for overages.

Comment: Re:stone tablets (Score 1) 251

by number17 (#48916877) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Medium For Personal Archive?

OK hotshot, how sure are you that the medium those *wonderful* answers are stored on hasn't deteriorated, resulting in us looking back on bad advice?!

I think we have to go on what the question asks. They say they are "considering" certain technologies, not that they have implemented them already and are having problems.

We are considering BluRay, HDD, and SSD but wanted to ask the Slashdot community what they would do.

Comment: Re:All about advertising sales for Weather Channel (Score 1) 397

by number17 (#48916739) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

We're used to this stuff - it snows in the winter. No big deal.

Well, everyone except those who decided to drive:

Maine State Police Lt. Erik Baker, supervisor for Troop G, which covers the Maine Turnpike, said 19 cars slid off the highway or got stuck in snowbanks Tuesday morning. “The roads are treacherous,” Baker said. “There are major whiteouts.” Conditions were delaying tow trucks and emergency workers and at least one motorist abandoned a vehicle, got a ride to safety and plans to have the car retrieved Wednesday, he said. “You can’t tell whether you are on the road or off the road,” said Bob Bohlmann of York County Emergency Management. “People who have come in to help us say it is very, very easy to get disoriented.”

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