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Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 254

MS in has recently shown interest in listening to the community

They've been paying lip service to the community for years, have taken half-hearted steps to open source, etc, but at the end of the day they always act like corporate assholes.

it's important we keep prying them for that information so that we can eventually feel at ease about what's happening

Or you can just not run their shit since they are such aggressive assholes.

Comment Re:Open source SCO (Score 3, Insightful) 218

With all the money Darl and his brother sucked out of that company they never need to work again. His "business model" was to start a case that could not be won, give the legal work to his brother's firm, string it out for max legal fees then take a golden parachute. Not a nice guy. I've got no idea why anyone other than a crony would every employ him.

Well, that's the problem with corporate Capitalism. It works great until you run out of other people's money.

Comment Re:The Intel 10GHz prediction (Score 1) 85

AMD showed them a better way, intel followed and ~ 4G has been the peak since.

If CPU speeds had kept on doubling along the lines of Moore's Law like they used to, it would have been much preferred and a glorious thing. Alas, the party came to an end, and both Intel and AMD were forced to go down the multicore path.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 5, Insightful) 661

Or just wait an hour or two for AdBlock's anti-AdBlock killer list to re-fix their site.

The advertisers need to understand that they really can't win this war - Even if it eventually comes down to letting every single ad and craptastic script on a page run in an invisible sandbox just to pass all their tests, we still won't watch the damned ads.

Find a revenue model that doesn't depend on pissing off your customers, or you deserve to go out of business. Really that simple.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 599

I'd expect drivers are slowing down because the road is less safe without the lines

You've just described virtually all "traffic-calming" techniques, in a nutshell.

Let's make roads narrower; let's add more curves to reduce visibility; let's have tall plants grow right up to the pavement so you can't see the deer; let's add random obstacles like rotaries-without-intersections; and now, let's take away the lines that let people know where and how many lanes exist!

All these will make traffic slow down, because they all make the road substantially more dangerous. You really want to make the road safer? 100% divided, with 100% gated fencing to keep kids and wildlife from wandering into the road. The rest of this just amounts to games, by nannies desperate to pretend that the real problem has anything to do with "speed" .

On the bright side, this suggestion at least does have one positive side-effect, no doubt totally unintentional: without lines, Everywhere becomes a passing zone.

Comment Re:I am not a physicist but... (Score 2) 336

If memory serves, and google says it does, the temperature of the sun is around 15 million K. I'm not gonna bother googling it, but I'm pretty sure 15 million K is lower (much, much lower) than absolute 0. So the numbers flat out don't work.

A. The reaction rates differ by about 16 orders of magnitude: The sun is going to run about 10 billion years with no refueling. A Tokamak fusion reactor would run for a few seconds or minutes.
2. The sun is using a completely different set of nuclear reactions with completely different fuel. There is no direct comparison anyway.

Comment Re: Rajiv.. (Score 1) 220

They don't care if you can get a new job on short notice. They're planning to lay you off anyways.

From what I have been able to piece together, many Indian people's first language is an Indian English dialect, which is more different from the US/UK/Aus dialects than they are from each other. It can make for some "interesting but stupid" exchanges. What's worse, they are worse than the American stereotype of expecting non-Indian speakers to be able to follow their "crisp" Indian English dialect. They've even got a peculiar notion about self-promotion. What any other person would call self-promotion, they would say is not unless it fits into a strict set of circumstances I'm not particularly clear on.

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