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Comment: Re:Ugly UI (Score 1) 191

by nuclear305 (#33546670) Attached to: GoDaddy Up For Auction

Ugh. I used them for a year or two. Sure, it was easy signing up...but when I had multiple domains to renew every year I had to uncheck a dozen "option packages" on 4 different pages just to renew a domain. Transferring out to another registrar is even more of a pain. Despite following the exact steps required Godaddy still denied the transfer saying I had not responded.

I made sure to tell them the sole reason for my transferring my business to another registrar was solely based on their annoying website. I'd gladly pay their outrageous fees for things such as WHOIS privacy if only their website offered a basic, functional, non ad-ridden UI for managing my domains.

I sincerely hope one of two things happens: Either nobody buys them and they go out of business; or another decent company buys their assets and flushes the brand down the toilet. I know--I can dream.

Comment: Re:buy compatible cartridges (Score 1) 970

by nuclear305 (#30317092) Attached to: What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?
The ink cartrides that come with the printeres are never 100% full, they are only about 25% full. It's just starter ink, to get you to buy more in.

What's worse is I have an inkjet printer sitting around that is about a year and a half old. I didn't use it much and the estimated ink levels were still at 3/4. One by one as the 1 year mark hit my printer began telling me the cartridges were expired. I ignored the warnings until finally the printer simply refused to print until I replaced them. I was so angry over this that I ended up buying a cheap laser printer on sale; and an extra high yield toner cartridge for less than the cost of replacement ink. I still use the inkjet once in a while; I replaced the OEM ink with aftermarket ones which as you can imagine were less than half full.

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