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Comment Why are transfers so hard to trace? (Score 5, Interesting) 54

Something I always wonder when fraud occurs involving bank transfers - why can't the money be traced? The whole system works on computers, which are inherently good at keeping records. Even if multiple hops are involved, I see only one reason why law enforcement agencies should not be able to trace funds to their destination - the unwillingness of banks to cooperate.

There needs to be an international banking agreement that facilitates tracking. If some shady offshore bank refuses to sign on with the agreement, participating banks should refuse to transfer money to them.

The fact that such an agreement is not already in place points to the corruptness of our finanacial institutions. There is simply no motivation to impede movement of funds by criminals.

Comment Not just dangerous, but completely unnecessary. (Score 2) 289

Driver updates offered via Windows Update are always listed as "optional". Even with automatic updates enabled they would have to be chosen manually before they would be installed. On top of that, it would be easy to uninstall such an update via "Progams and Features" in Control Panel, or to click on "Roll Back Driver" in Device Manager.

Disabling updates to prevent bad driver installations is both misguided and unnecessary.

Comment Risk Management (Score 1) 236

Risk management is not simply about the probability of an event occurring; it must also take into account how damaging the event would be. For example, events that are very likely to occur but have little consequences might be safely ignored. Events that are very unlikely to occur but have catastrophic consequences merit some effort to prevent.

Comment Not uncommon in my world :) (Score 2) 104

I usually figure out that a cert has expired when something breaks. For example, I like to use free certs from StartSSL on Exchange Servers. When they expire, people get warnings when accessing OWA, or smartphones stop connecting.

If it happens to be on an SBS Server it can really be a pain, however, since it will stop working as a Terminal Services Gateway, making it difficult to log back on and replace the cert.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 2) 72

Wow. You sound inordinately passionate about April 1st. If such articles are so much to your liking, perhaps it's you who needs to go elsewhere. May I suggest America's Finest News Source?

As for this site, the motto used to be "stuff that matters". When April Fools articles become so numerous, it's no longer amusing. It's like the same joke being told over and over again. April Fools is not a "huge holiday". It's a day literally intended for fools, and only a fool finds the same joke funny time after time.

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