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Comment: Because it is not science. (Score 1) 846

by nu1x (#46019523) Attached to: Global-Warming Skepticism Hits 6-Year High

It is political partisanship, political agenda, and new cult of Malthusians.

Statements follow:

1.Climate change exists. Of course, it always existed.

2. We live in mid-low ice age.

3. Ice ages are bad for civilisation, Global warming is good for civilisation. While cold, there is no Civ, only war, while warm, there decreases parts of livable land insignificantly, instead, food-producing and otherwise unlivable land increases significantly (Siberia et al.)

4. Whether GW is Anthropogenic is a discussion, but if yes, we need more of it. Humans are doing very good in burning oil during mini-ice age, lest we lapse again to it (and unavoidable wars and scarcity and death that would follow).

5. For politicians, cold, scarcity and death is good, because it leads to wars and strenghtening of holders of political powers.

Comment: No, it's actually (Score 0) 457

by nu1x (#45810271) Attached to: Researchers Claim Facebook Is 'Dead and Buried' To Many Young Users

the fact that the average common denominator for intelligent discussion dropped markedly and measurably in the mentioned span of time.

Now you have to WORK to find a good, intelligent circle, and then work doubly hard to protect it from casuals..

This has to do with the fact that before, only academics and at least computer enthusiasts and hardcore geeks used the internet.

Now, Biff "uses" it too.

Comment: Re:Case very much still open (Score 1) 554

> carbohydrates (most of all sugar and wheat) that cause many "Western" diseases

No, it's actually milk, and obscene amounts of saturated fat + calcium.

Point in case, asia. You would find, in most regions, people eat obscene amounts of rice, while still being thin as sticks (Especially Japan, those people eat humungous amounts.. of carbs and lean meat).

Asians do not usually eat any significant amounts of milk or milk products though.

Comment: Re:It started with a good idea (Score -1, Troll) 598

by nu1x (#45689125) Attached to: UK Men Arrested For Anti-Semitic Tweets After Football Game

The holohoax is a hoax tho.

Jews masterminded the plan to invade present day "israel" you see, and that was their pretext, their base of all propaganda of "jew suffering" (except for all those forgotten people who suffered in hands of jews, but history forgets them).

You truly, really need to get out of where you are hiding, and learn of the ays of the world.

The world is not a nice place, and jews are NOT nice people.

Comment: Re:Double Standard (Score 0) 598

by nu1x (#45689093) Attached to: UK Men Arrested For Anti-Semitic Tweets After Football Game

"If you want to find out who is your true master, find out who you are not allowed to criticize".

Parasitic jew bankers and their scam to take over the world and rebuild their scamtopia (Jewsrael) is coming to fruition, what with white people being so naive and stupid, so easily influenced by moving pictured (made by jews) and held down by THEIR OWN WOMEN (brainwashed by jews into submission to transient, fake "qualities", conglomerated into so called "feminism").

Yeah, jews are just peachy.

Comment: Re:An Honest Question (Score 1) 213

by nu1x (#45688979) Attached to: Surge In Litecoin Mining Leads To Graphics Card Shortage

> not a great deal

you mean like everything in, and also gold and other PMs ? Which can then trivially be redeemed for cash ?

Noone will dump 1 Megabuck on a market without rebuying later, because it is NONTRIVIAL getting 1 Megabuck TXed to your bank account; (go on, try it).

What is trivial, is buying a few 100s grams of gold. At a significant markup, but gold is valued much over the "official" rate anyway, on the street.

This is quite real I assure you - and people give other people hundreds of dollars for 1 BTC not because they lack confidence in BTC -- IT IS BECAUSE THEY LACK CONFIDENCE IN DOLLARS.

In case you haven't noticed, we have impending US dollar currency crash, and people are starting to get clued in.

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