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Comment: Re:Pull the Plug? (Score 1) 635

by ntufar (#33352950) Attached to: National Park Service Says Tech Is Enabling Stupidity
By international maritime law, if you accept help form anyone on the seas, he ship that helped you is entitled to half of your ship and cargo. In many cases ship owners let the ships sink and get insurance money rather accepting help.

But if you put the lives of people on board in danger, it is a totally different matter. You may be criminally prosecuted.

Comment: Re:Charge for support (Score 1) 635

by ntufar (#33351306) Attached to: National Park Service Says Tech Is Enabling Stupidity
Bear in mind that it is Europe, everything is much more expensive here. Gasoline is 1.45 euro per liter, which makes 1.45 x 3.79 x 1.35 = $7.42 per gallon. Plus taxes, plus search, plus rescue, plus they might send more copters just to be sure.

On the other hand, the bill might be artificially inflated to serve as a deterrent and an example.

Alternatively it could be an exaggeration. This story sounds more like an urban legend than a fact.

Comment: The Stock Market (Score 2, Insightful) 152

by ntufar (#31256416) Attached to: The Grown-Up Video Game
Not on topic but I'd want to mention the stock market as a good game for adults. I played computer games in my teens and twenties but now, in my thirties I find them quite boring, predictable and repetitive.

For three years now I picked up a new hobby: stock market. I watch CNBC, I read business newspapers, i follow a ton of finance blogs, I think, I make hard decisions, I put my money at risk, I master my impulses and emotions. I throughly enjoy it.

+ - Vista User Account Control (UAC): Faith Misplaced

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Matt Hartley of writes about Vista's User Account Control and the problems that are associated with it. From the article, "If there was one single feature that has been acclaimed in Vista more than anything, it would have to be the inclusion of the new UAC. Unfortunately, there are some growing concerns that we will begin to see malware creators ignoring the UAC altogether. What do I mean exactly? To be completely clear, I'm referring to malware authors looking into the feasibility of wreaking havoc from within the comfort of individual user accounts.

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