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+ - NZBMATRIX closes their website for good->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Hot on the heels of the closure of NEWZBIN2, this morning the usenet NZB indexing website NZBMATRIX closed shop in the face of another DMCA notice. NZBMATRIX allowed users to sift through messy usenet groups and quickly find data for download. NZBMATRIX's API allowed automated polling from various clients, making it one of the more popular NZB sites. This is one of the last public NZB indexing sites, leaving mostly invite-only underground sites. A sad day for usenet users everywhere."
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+ - US government seizes Gmail of WikiLeaks volunteer -> 1

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bs0d3 writes "The Doj has siezed the gmail account of Jacob Appelbaum, who is currently a wikileaks volunteer. The government has successfully forced Google and Sonic (a small Internet Service Provider from northern California) to fork over personal data from Applebaum’s email account. Sonic says that they fought to keep the DoJ out of Appelbaum's records and that it was very expensive but was "the right thing to do". Meanwhile google simply replied, "we comply with the law". Although the information collected and the information the Doj are looking for remains classified, it seems likely that this has to do with the Bradley Manning investigation. Applebaum’s Gmail correspondence seized by the Department of Justice dates back to November 1, 2009, which is believed to be the month that WikiLeaks contributor and Army Private Bradley Manning allegedly began communication with Assange. Last year, federal prosecutors used a similar subpoena to obtain information pertaining to Applebaum’s Twitter account."
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+ - Did ICE 'Pirate' Its Anti-Piracy PSA?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "You may have seen that the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security has been seizing domain names. When it eventually takes over those domain names permanently, it replaces the seizure notice with a YouTube video. Some people noticed that the YouTube video was just a recut video that New York City was using. Since the whole point of the video is that people who work on films have to get paid, Techdirt wondered how much ICE paid for the video. After asking both NYC and ICE and receiving no responses, Techdirt filed some Freedom of Information Act requests. While they turned up that the videos were actually owned by NBC Universal (though neither government entity publicly admits that it's running NBC Universal propaganda films as its own), ICE appears to have no evidence that it properly licensed the videos or that it paid anyone involved in the making of the videos. Since the original video, featuring comedian Tom Papa, claims that "there's no such thing as a free movie" to define "piracy," is it possible that the federal government "pirated" this anti-piracy video?"
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+ - Google Adds Remote Desktop Capability to Chrome->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Search giant Google has released a brand new extension for its fast growing Chrome browser with the vision of allowing users to remotely control another computer over a network, the company announced. The new extension, which is still in its beta version, was launched last week on Friday. Dubbed the Chrome Remote Desktop beta version, the new offering allows users to turn his Google browser into dedicated remote desktop software. “Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is the first installment on a capability allowing users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook.” Google stated on its Chrome Remote Desktop page."
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