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Comment: Uncomfortably similar? (Score 2) 400

by nstlgc (#42668805) Attached to: Andrew Auernheimer Case Uncomfortably Similar To Aaron Swartz Case
Andrew Auernheimer, aka 'weev', former president of the trolling group GNAA, was not doing this out of some kind of altruism. He did not do this to point out the vulnerability. By his own admittance, "[he] did this because [he] despised people [he] think[s] are unjustly wealthy and wanted to embarass them."

If you think Auernheimer is anything like Aaron Swartz, think again.

Comment: Re:Games? (Score 1) 90

by nstlgc (#40815509) Attached to: Nintendo 3DS XL Is Out Now
It is called 3D because it's (for the most part) a 3D Mario game (like Super Mario Galaxy, Mario 64, etc) and not a 2D Mario game (like New Super Mario Bros, the classic Mario games, ...). The raccoon suit is from SMB3 indeed, but apart from that it doesn't borrow that much elements that are exclusive to SMB3.

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