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Comment: Re:The "antenna array" is a McGuffin (Score 1) 342

by nsaspook (#46826123) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

The antenna array is actually solid engineering and science. Saying each element belongs to one person is a hoot.

The dime size antenna (that looks to approximate the LC values in each small section of a lossy transmission line used as a receive Metamaterial antenna) for each listener.

This is what happens when engineers and lawyers talk.

Comment: Re:License? (Score 1) 75

by nsaspook (#44387915) Attached to: After LinkedIn Clues, FOIA Nets New Details On NSA's ANCHORY Program

Open source has another meaning in the intelligence community. Open source refers to unclassified information, such as the internet, newspapers, and other media. It's used as opposed to signals intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), etc. Often referred to as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

I worked with FBIS in the 70's down in Key West. Cuban TV was pretty cool and totally uncensored when they showed US movies. Fidel had a thing about 'Smokey and the Bandit".

Comment: WWV and NSA crypto (Score 2) 97

by nsaspook (#44192701) Attached to: WWVB Celebrates 50 Years of Broadcasting Time

We had several KWR-37 devices that needed time sync to under one second worldside with the transmitting station when changing daily key cards. WWW()x was great until you where some where past SE asia, then we used the Russia time sync RWM to lock devices,

Comment: Re:nothing new (Score 1) 192

by nsaspook (#43802783) Attached to: One-Time Pad From Caltech Offers Uncrackable Cryptography

Random physical structures have been used for this purpose for decades.

Yes, using PUF devices for OTP, challenge/response and key generation is old tech.

All you really need is a large SRAM structure to generate unique random bits for each device. A simple microcontroller with a large SRAM block works nicely.

Comment: Re:Always a letdown. (Score 1) 209

by nsaspook (#43413703) Attached to: European Researchers Propose Quantum Network Between Earth and ISS

Even in the classic universe groups of 'things' can have properties that can change at FTL speeds but they like "spooky action at a distance" effects with entangled photons can't transmit information FTL.

For example in Maxwell equations
Induced polarization current P has no constraints about speed.

Comment: Re:Always a letdown. (Score 3, Insightful) 209

by nsaspook (#43412607) Attached to: European Researchers Propose Quantum Network Between Earth and ISS

Can someone please explain to me why this can't be used for instantaneous communication purposes?

Because that would require FTL transfer of energy/information.

It's like if three people were in a room and #3 put a nickle in #1's pocket and a dime in #2's pocket completely randomly. They all know there is only the possibility of a nickle or a dime but 1&2 won't know what coin until they actually look in the pocket.

#1 flies to Mars on a rocket.
#2 stays on earth and looks in his pocket. He now knows instantaneously the value of the coin in #1's pocket on Mars.

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