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Comment Re:Time to let it die (Score 3, Informative) 327

I was amused when I bought a blender online. I was deluged with ads for blenders! Hint: since I now have a brand-new blender, I am actually the least-likely person to want to buy a blender!

I think I made it worse because I also searched for Blender the software.

Comment Re:Why does this API exist? (Score 1) 106

Same deal with javascript being able to open the App Store. WHY??

Well, I have an app in both the app store and the play store. So, when i talk about it, I use a URL that checks which os is hitting it, and redirects to the appropriate store. Great for tweeting, cards (next to the QR codes for each store), etc.

Comment Re:Social media (Score 1) 307

There is a large difference between not wanting to post every detail of your life on SM and being introverted. In person, I can (at least appear) extroverted. It's a learnable skill.

I want people to be forced to learn math even if they have math anxiety. Why shouldn't schools teach social skills/how to interact with a group even if kids have social anxiety.

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