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User Journal

npsimons's Journal: zcat /usr/share/state/us-constitution.gz | grep -i god 3

Journal by npsimons

Hmm, above command returns no results. Let's try another:

zcat /usr/share/state/us-constitution.gz | grep -i jesus

Hmm, no results for that one either. One more before I give up:

zcat /usr/share/state/us-constitution.gz | egrep -i "creat|divin|christ"

No results for that one either.

(note that the above was run on a Debian system with the "miscfiles" package installed)

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zcat /usr/share/state/us-constitution.gz | grep -i god

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  • The founding fathers, aside from a few Random Catholics, were largely deists and freemasons.

    Their name for God is "Providence", and the first gift of their version of God is "Liberty".

    • by PopeRatzo (965947) *

      You probably know too that they also created the secular "goddess" Lady Liberty, aka "Columbia" and dedicated the new US Capital, the District of Columbia to her. They created Columbia as the iconic representation of the new nation, the United States of America.

      Not Jehovah, nor Yahweh, nor Jesus H. Christ. Not the Virgin Mary or Angel Gabriel or any other religious figure.

      They chose "Columbia" because it was NOT associated with religion, or any "supreme deity". These were some pretty bright guys and they

      • Yep, but in so doing, they associated the United States with a new religion.

        Which bugs the heck out of me. Makes my brain have to do all sorts of mental gymnastics to stay true to Catholicism and patriotic.

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