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Comment Re:They likely give the Chinese govt full access (Score 1) 46

That's right, and I would imagine the people of China know this, and act accordingly.

China's got the right idea when it comes to censorship and monitoring of the internet. They are a ?communist? country so they have the right, or even the responsibility to monitor how people use public utilities. As for America and the NSA, they claim to be an open society with a government of the people, for the people, yet they increasingly treat those same people as criminals and terrorists for doing simple things like making backup copies of movies or music that they may have purchased completely legally.

Submission + - CmdrTaco: Anti-Beta Movement a "Vocal Minority" (washingtonpost.com) 30

Antipater writes: The furor over Slashdot Beta is loud enough that even outside media has begun to notice. The Washington Post's tech blog The Switch has written a piece on the issue, and the anti-Beta protesters aren't going to be happy about it. The Post questioned Slashdot founder Rob Malda, who believes the protests are the work of only a vocal minority or readers: "It's easy to forget that the vocal population of a community driven site like Slashdot might be the most important group, but they are typically also the smallest class of users." The current caretakers of Slashdot need to balance the needs of all users with their limited engineering resources, Malda argues — noting wryly, "It ain't easy."

Comment Re:Use end to end encryption? (Score 1) 234

I can see this being the thing that pushes the next generation of processor development and operating system development. If companies can make encryption automatic, easy and invisible to the end users - and trustworthy, it will catch on. At first it will slow our computers which will drive demand for bigger/faster computers. Then, someday, it'll be ubiquitous and common practice.

Comment It happens (Score 1) 228

I work in a sawmill in Canada. All our cameras are routed to a central location and recorded. It's a great troubleshooting tool, but also a great way to make sure people are doing their jobs. If our internet connection were faster, this information would be available over the internet now. It is happening now.

Comment why open in a new page? (Score 1) 1191

Why not make it with a "show more" link that expands, even showing comments, and "show less" to go back to the topics? When I hit back, it shows the beta hints again. Interesting design. probably looks better on a tablet in portrait. Unfortunately, my monitor is in landscape mode. If the 50% wasted space is for ads, adblocker and noscript is gonna block them.

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