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Comment: The Beer Principle (Score 1) 735

by novasoy (#30273704) Attached to: Should You Be Paid For Being On Call?

How about this, which I hearby call the Beer Principle (patent pending):

If being "on call" means I have to remain sober the whole time, you need to show me the money.
If being "on call" means I can get drunk in the privacy of my own home and not get in trouble if you call me whilst in my cups, then we're cool.

Comment: Re:It's pretty simple (Score 3, Informative) 155

by novasoy (#28312587) Attached to: SAP — Open Source Friend Or Foe ?

Agreed. You don't want to look at your code. ABAP gives me a headache, and the way SAP designs their code.... I guess I'm just not smart enough to follow what's going on after the 20th INCLUDE within an INCLUDE within an INCLUDE. It's poorly documented, and usually the comments [in the code] are in German.

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