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Phebe88132 writes: "Pour some coke on it" said my friend Josie. "Yes! It could clean a 2p bit so it will clean your foot" chipped in Helen. Nike Store UK The very first open water swim of the year also means the first wearing of plastic flip flops of the season. We'd speed flipped and Josie and I had met from the tube and flopped our solution to the Ladies' Pond on Hampstead Heath to meet Laura and Helen. A mile and a half of power walking had done more harm to my feet than the two marathons I ran last month combined.Nike Air Max TN Outlet We all lowered ourselves into the water. Helen, taking her wetsuit because of its maiden voyage, had not swum in a lake. I had encouraged her because, not too long ago, my friend Katie took me swim and that I know how less terrifying that made it.Nike Roshe Run Sale Katie and I are leading some novice triathletes (including Helen) through their first season this season and, although I occasionally feel a small fraud dishing out advice, it's fine to share a little of what I Have learnt within the last couple of years. Pond swim We swam a couple of laps of the pond, our hands and feet becoming used to the water temperature and in the icecream face subsiding. Without making a fuss in wearing just a cossie and girls were getting while we swam safe and snug in our wetsuits. Cheap Nike Air Max 90Not today, although I Will be one of these women one day. Laura had brought all to have after our swim — an open water swimming trick to kill off any germs in your tummy. The skin had broken, and so this is how I came to pour coke on my foot. "Argggggghhhhh! That is worse than TCP." It stung. A lot. "If that is what it's doing to my foot, envision what it's doing to our insides." We polished off our cans the same and headed off to get icecream and hot chocolate. Nike Air Max 90 Mens China Red Trainers The change is marked by the turn from April to May from running long distances to a summer of running brief fast stuff and swimming outside. But I am not done with running just yet. I will be heading to Copenhagen for an additional spring marathon at the conclusion of May. And, hopefully, I Will be running long along with fast.

Comment oh boy! (Score 5, Interesting) 253

From my experience, the boneheads were almost exclusively in the HR agencies. And that's a light term for fucking-unbelievable-idiots. I have tons of incompetence-filled horror stories. Techies (anything from coders to any branch of engineering), IMHO, should only be recruited by their peers. Period.

Comment Re: 3 months for $5000? (Score 1) 458

There are plenty of us over here that are FAR MORE pissed at the current state of affairs than any of you foreigners are.

I respectfully disagree on the FAR MORE part. Given the fact that, in other parts of the world, what happens there is of utmost relevance for us. Everything that happens there tends to be copied by the rest of the world (be it malevolent or benevolent) by either incompetent or evil political figures. If someone pulls some nasty shit there and there is no opposition by civil rights activists, idiots(be it voters or the ones that are voted) will automatically jump in the bandwagon. I don't wanna sound like a drama queen, but the moment you guys fall, the next thing's our asses. So, sorry for the pressure, I wish I would not be right on this one, but something tells me I am.

Comment Re:Good for the economy. (Score 1) 451

I use TOR for the same reason I close my curtains at night and don't keep my personal journal out on the front porch with a sign that says "read me!". I just don't like other people snooping on my private life. Though if I had to choose between some random guy on the street watching my browsing activity or the NSA, I'd choose the guy on the street because he's probably only doing it because he's nosy, but the NSA is doing it to see if they can link me to terrorism.

Ok, but wasn't Tor originally designed for the US Naval Research Laboratory? Government organizations being thick as thieves as one would expect, makes sense that they'd have a way to snoop in that software. That's what I'd do, anyway...advertise it as being totally safe, but at the same time having a way of controlling it. Color me paranoid or common-sensical or whatever

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