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Ted Dziuba Says, "I Don't Code In My Free Time" 619

Posted by timothy
from the your-allotment-of-seconds-on-earth dept.
theodp writes "When he gets some free time away from his gigs at startup Milo and The Register, you won't catch Ted Dziuba doing any recreational programming. And he wouldn't want to work for a company that doesn't hire those who don't code in their spare time. 'You know what's more awesome than spending my Saturday afternoon learning Haskell by hacking away at a few Project Euler problems?' asks Dziuba. 'F***, ANYTHING.'"

Comment: Re:Privacy is simple (Score 4, Insightful) 205

by notamedic (#29164325) Attached to: Facebook App Exposes Abject Insecurity

Facebook is incredibly popular and the start of your third paragraph shows that (aside from an inability to stop swearing) you can't comprehend what the general non-geeky public want from the internet. Social relationships are complicated - how you interact with your friends and what they know about you may not be the same for your family and for your work colleagues.

I'm not a big fan of facebook, but the people who use pejorative terms to dismiss it obviously don't understand it.

Comment: Documentation (Score 5, Interesting) 569

by notamedic (#29002027) Attached to: What Questions Should a Prospective Employee Ask?

'Can I see an example of your code or documentation?'

If they don't keep documentation or their code tends to be messy and undocumented then you're going to spend half your time trying to figure stuff out rather than doing productive (and thus interesting) work. If a company's business is in a complex field (finance for instance) and the code/system has built up over many years there is a fair chance that both will be pretty incomprehensible to start with and if they haven't got reasonably documentation the your job is going to be harder and there is a chance that you'll never feel you full have a grasp on *everything* that is going on.

Apart from that, it will show that you give a damn about documentation and are organised.

Comment: Re:I don't think most people care that it's locked (Score 1) 573

by notamedic (#25312053) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Predicts Death of the IPod

If I had mod points I'd mod you up.

If you ask a geek what he wants from a gadget they'll give you a list of specifications and a prerequisite that it doesn't come from the Evil Empire of the day (Apple at the moment, it was Microsoft, and will probably be Google one day).

Ask a member of the general population (who buy the major volume of gadgets) and they'll tell you what they want it to do and generally not worry about who makes it (although a name they recognise helps).

So geeks can complain about batteries they can't change, kill-switches, and the like and the general population to whom you probably couldn't even explain half of these reasons to won't give a damn.

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