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Journal: The helpdesk life sucks

Journal by not_a_george
No, thats not how you setup a table of contents, this is how....
No, you can't send a GB attachment...
Maam, the helpdesk doesn't take requests to change light bulbs....
No, don't shut down the computer every night, the updates need to be installed...
THE START BUTTON, lower left hand side of the screen? It has the word START on it?...
That CS degree better hurry.. these night classes are way to fuckin slow.
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Journal: Calling all morons

Journal by not_a_george
A little background: I work in the helpdesk for (actually outsourced to my company, but the same difference)
So today at work, I get a call from someone saying they cannot login to thier computer. He states "the username is not my username, should I change it?"
There hopefully is ONE IT company where it's working staff are computer litterate.
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Journal by not_a_george
So I started posting to slashdot instead of just reading all the nifty comments and thinking "thats what I said!"

I post a funny comment here, dumb comment there, now I have bad karma. WTF! I don't really mind it but now no one will read my comments!! All due to 1 Offtopic mod... FRICKIN A MAN!!

someone out there sucks a$$!
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Journal: Why not? 1

Journal by not_a_george
Why not create just so the mighty slashdot machine has its own ANTI M$ PRO linux section to make all the "yeah, but does it run linux" and "security + M$ = funny" jokes.

C'mon, REALLY people, the horse is dead. We got it, the FIRST time.
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Journal: certificates

Journal by not_a_george

Why do people rely on certifications sooo heavily when sooooo many certified people don't seem to know jack? (i'm more refering to MCSE and lower certs, most people who are cisco certified seem to have a head on thier shoulders)

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