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Comment I still don't get it (Score 2) 136 136

How will this work? At the moment I have an intelligent (more or less) human delivery system and even that one is not capable of reading the instructions at the door about where to deposit the package when nobody is present.

(I have 'no-signing needed' contracts with all the delivery companies)

How about if Amazon first would get the "world wide web" thingie right and deliver every item to every country, my local post administration (Luxembourg) has a lucrative automatic system going on where packets for Luxembourg are delivered to a company in a border town in Germany and France and then sent by truck for 5€ to my local post box the very same day. You just register at their website.
For all those hundreds of thousands of vendors that are apparently unable to figure out the shipping costs to deliver outside Germany or France. The other Amazon countries don't seem to have that problem.

Comment Honeywell (Score 1) 85 85

Honeywell, never again be afraid not to find somebody who will open the door for the contractor when you at work.
With our system, anybody with access to Google can open your front door.
Also not only you will be able to see the babysitter masturbating, the other 7 billion people will be able to watch too.

Comment Re:Potholes? (Score 1) 183 183

"Actually heating the road is easy, with a little creativity. I was going to suggest adding plutonium to the road mix, but the same end could likely be achieved more cheaply by just using nuclear waste. Solves the waste problem at the same time.

Of course, there may be some undesirable side effects...."

Indeed, it would trigger the Iran anti-neutrino detector from 2 articles father up and send the the brute-squad on the way.

Comment Mysterious? (Score 1) 138 138

What's so mysterious about it. They got a national security letter, can't talk about it and they will be hacked this or next week, the plans will be published by wikileaks or Anonymous and you will be able to order a completed product on Aliexpress for $29.95 in 3....2.....1...

"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." -- Dr. Seuss