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Comment: Re:Well there's your problem. (Score 2) 91

by nospam007 (#48651163) Attached to: Major Security Vulnerabilities Uncovered At Frankfurt Airport

"It said undercover investigators posing as passengers were able to smuggle weapons or other dangerous items through security every second time they tried to do so."

'Real terrorists wouldn't get a second try. ;)'

No, they'll send 6 terrorists an 3 will get through.

And remember, the security inspectors are not allowed to actually _hide_ the stuff, they must place a gun or a handgrenade -as is- in the luggage.
They cannot disassemble the gun and hide it in a bunch of jewely or use especially crafted zipguns that look like something else or any other method that a terrorist would use.

Comment: Let's see... (Score 1) 488

by nospam007 (#48367445) Attached to: Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

So it's the fight between:

A. Nervous governments caught short on some cold winter's night with much too much wind so that powerlines are flying over the country but high energy prices.

B. Nervous governments are resisting, afraid of being caught short on some cold winter's night with little wind and very low energy prices.

I prefer the latter.

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