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Comment: Re:I never knew (Score 0) 311 311

"You are not aware iOS is a major OS?"

That may be, but just as myself on my 5 family iOS gadgets, everybody I know uses Chrome, most of them with Google Encrypted (Verbatim) as search engine, the only way to get non-trivial results.

OTOH 20 million 12 year old girls might very well use Safari, but they also actually _pay_ for Taylor Swift songs, so their opinion doesn't really count.

Comment: Re:Assange. (Score 1) 213 213

They'll give him the French Citizenship for extraordinary services rendered and presto they won't extradite him anywhere.

He'll get sentenced to 6 months 'jail time' in St. Tropez like the french secret service people, who killed a photographer when sinking the Greenpeace boat.

Then they'll make him a commander of the Legion of Honour and give him a lifetime pension.

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