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Comment Re:Proof that you don't want govt spending your mo (Score 3, Insightful) 202

" In ancient Athens the rich were socially compelled to spend their own fortunes on defending the state, performing rituals, and entertaining the poor. Imagine Soros and the Koch brothers and all the wealthy of either party building and equipping their own aircraft carriers at their own expense as a public benefit."

But the Koch brothers _do_ spend millions on entertaining the poor with funny actors, it's called the Republican Primaries.

Comment Re:Time to let it die (Score 4, Interesting) 338

" I wouldn't mind ignoring a few ads as I browse to support the sites I use"

I'm sorry but it's just stupid how they work. I bought 2 dozen pairs of socks 2 weeks ago at landsend and now (where I won't need any socks for some time...) I get bombarded with socks ads in my unadblocked browser as well as every goddamn landsend ad that exists.

Comment Re:AdBlock (Score 1) 60

" Still have a computer hooked up to the TV and can watch things that we choose to watch, but no more planning life around the TV schedule."

Exactly my way of doing it as well. I selected the shows I wan to watch in http://showrss.info/ and utorrent downloads them automatically.

All without any ads.