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Comment: Re:Europe, here I come! (Score 0) 77

by nospam007 (#46694289) Attached to: European Court of Justice Strikes Down Data Retention Law

"You can get by with English in most of the EU, with the notable exception of France, where people will understand you but pretend that they don't."

No, that's just the french waiters, it has nothing to do with English.

If you talk French, they ignore you as well, only after a required minimum of sulking time they begin to make snide remarks and get rude with you.

Comment: Funny (Score 5, Funny) 161

by nospam007 (#46665621) Attached to: Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android

"the average value of an order from an iPad is $155, compared to $110 from Android tablets."

The funny thing is, that often it's for the exact same thing both of them bought.
Sites check the user-agent and rich guys (IOS) are shown a higher price for the same objects, as it has been noticed quite a few times.
So if you want a bargain, you need a user-agent-changer for your iPad to mimic a poor people's OS.

Comment: Re:Computable? Simulatable? (Score 1) 199

by nospam007 (#46664471) Attached to: P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

"They'll just restart it from a recent backup and we'll never even know it happened. If you were to start your life again yesterday, without remembering anything from yesterday or today, the whole world including your mind restored exactly to the state it was in yesterday, then time would appear uninterrupted."

There will always be some Bill Murray ruining it.

Comment: Re:My algorithms for getting out of parking lots. (Score 1) 273

by nospam007 (#46664361) Attached to: Algorithm Challenge: Burning Man Vehicle Exodus

"Lave early before the rush.

Hang out until everyone else leaves - like I do on airplanes."

Rent a RV instead of using your car, then you just take nap, cook and eat something, watch a movie or take a shower until everybody has left.
We always do that for big concerts too.

Comment: Re:Why send people? (Score 1) 392

by nospam007 (#46663771) Attached to: How Many People Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?

"I'm not sure, the female colonists — born and raised in space, BTW — will all agree to inseminate themselves with the thawed sperm of strangers instead of following the instinct to conceive in the hot embrace of their lovers. "

That's sort of the point. The 'lovers' stay at home, you take only females on the flight an reproduce only females during the flight. Only on arrival you'd raise men.

That way no pissing contests during the dangerous part of the voyage.

Comment: Re:Cynicism (Score 1) 148

"would the use of an Orange network in country A by a customer from country B not result in at least some added accounting expense..."

About the same as a network in country B by a customer from country A.
The costs cancel each other out.

When they don't have to meter and bill the customers they'll have a net plus.

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