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Comment: Re:I never knew (Score 0) 304 304

"You are not aware iOS is a major OS?"

That may be, but just as myself on my 5 family iOS gadgets, everybody I know uses Chrome, most of them with Google Encrypted (Verbatim) as search engine, the only way to get non-trivial results.

OTOH 20 million 12 year old girls might very well use Safari, but they also actually _pay_ for Taylor Swift songs, so their opinion doesn't really count.

Comment: Re:Assange. (Score 1) 212 212

They'll give him the French Citizenship for extraordinary services rendered and presto they won't extradite him anywhere.

He'll get sentenced to 6 months 'jail time' in St. Tropez like the french secret service people, who killed a photographer when sinking the Greenpeace boat.

Then they'll make him a commander of the Legion of Honour and give him a lifetime pension.

Comment: Re:I got email spam about this before it was on he (Score 1) 26 26

"It's so ridiculous how companies apparently think that it's ok to send unsolicited email just because my address shows up on google play for an android app."

If you use your real email address for something you don't want any email from, you should be on Digg instead of here.

Comment: Re:Low-latency (Score 1) 45 45

"But delay will still make it useless for telephony, streaming, and a range of other purposes."

Ah that's why we can't phone farther than 500 miles on land lines.

But seriously, telephony and streaming works fine, I can stream flawlessly from an ASTRA Internet satellite on a geostationary orbit, heck they even 'stream' Television to a billion people from there.

Now if you're talking First person shooters, that's another story.

Comment: Look around (Score 4, Funny) 187 187

"ecologist Marcel Dicke of Wageningen University in the Netherlands says. “You have a plant crying wolf all the time, and the bugs won’t listen to it any longer.”

It's the Netherlands goddamit, use the appropriate 'the dike leaks' metaphor instead of the wolf.

UNIX enhancements aren't.