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Comment: Please don't! (Score 2) 91

by nospam007 (#49734397) Attached to: Tweets To Appear In Google Search Results

Please no! When I want to search newsgroup contents, I'll tell them so, ditto for tweets.

The search results are already pretty much useless right now, because they show me what they 'think' I might mean instead of what I actually typed in the field.

I have to enclose every fucking word between quotes, otherwise they get ignored an they show me Kardashian or Rihanna crap.

Comment: Prospect? (Score 1) 71

by nospam007 (#49725327) Attached to: UK Criminals Use Drones To Case Burglary Prospects

No need to get caught in the act., if a window is open somewhere, the done just flies in and grabs the jewellery and other light stuff that's lying around, that's what the camera is for. It's much more secure in the back of the van outside.
A 'window opening device' shouldn't be that complicated to add as well, just a plastic tube with a spring and a stone to be released by a servo.

Also I'm waiting for arsonists to do the same thing, just with a pound of fire accelerants instead of a grabbing arm.

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