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Comment Re: This is the future... (Score 3) 333

"There is truth to that. I know one Indian guy at my company who has said before that he sends most of his salary back to his bank in India and intends to go back home and retire early there."

They all say that. After 2 dozen years they can't stand the unpaved roads, the dirt and the rest at their former home and they'll just do a vacation there each year.
Not to mention, their kids don't want to be caught dead at their dad's former homeland.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 185

Indeed cool.

He must mean pest control, since over 90% of the internet access ruptures were rats (Sacramento), squirrels and termites.

To bury all those cables underground like a normal nation naturally doesn't come to mind, too expensive apparently, but 10s of thousands of power, internet and phone outages each year are apparently also ok.
And I don't even mention storms, snow, ice rain and drunks.

As long as anybody can just walk to a wisely chosen wooden post with an axe those billions are just pork. And if you remember, there are even people digging up fiber cables to cut them or install their own devices. And also submarines seem to camp around the cables as well.
Since Homeland security and the FBI can't even protect their mailing list from teens, this won't matter at all.

Comment Re:Asinine (Score 1) 128

"But since we know that all our communications are monitored, it should actually be pretty easy, right?"

It is. It was somebody with a stolen laptop with TOR on a public WIFI spot.

So the solution is to forbid laptop thefts, TOR and public WIFI spots.

Comment Easy (Score 1) 1838

It would be nice if we could use umlauts and accents without the text getting ruined. It's no longer the century of the fruitbat.
Kill the dupes, can't be that difficult.
Also, tell those couple of morons doing the videos that they can use external microphones so that we don't have to listen to the camera motor instead of the talking people.
Throw out spammers like Piquepaille and his goons.

PS and kill Beta dead!

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 407

"I can't really see the reasoning behind this, it would be far easier, more efficient, quicker and cost effective to put panels along the roadsides, "

Needs permits since it's above ground, hides the views of rich people and gives everybody living there a right to object, on the roads they can do whatever they want. 1 owner, no permits.

"Until they can lay solar panels like they do pavement for virtually the same cost as pavement ..."

You mean waiting until the money making pavements is as cheap as the dead not-money-making kind?

Comment Re:What good is that? (Score 1) 30

"However, if you could send the 360 degree image data, then there would be a point to using a headset."

That's the idea they had. Now imagine you can connect to a drone in the Grand Canyon or Paris. Even if they would ultimately not want hundreds of tourist drones in the sky, there would still be the possibility of ground based 'drones'. Imagine Venice in summer in your cool apartment without the heat and without the stench.

Comment Re:Not 12 euros... (Score 1) 208

"If you save as "CSV" in Finland (for example), it will be saved as semicolon delimited and not comma delimited."

Hardly. The comma or the semicolon are the field _separator_, not the delimiter, hence the name Comma SEPARATED.

The delimiter for text fields are quotes, because these fields may contain the separator character.

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