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Comment The future is now (Score 1) 73

"but many people may feel restricted by always "performing" for the microphones. "

You'd better already be that _today_. Not only the NSA listens, as we lately discovered, depending on where you live, half the time you are phoning over one of the police's illegal stingray 'cell-towers'.

So, don't talk about tax-evasion, drug orders or merchandise that 'fell off the truck' and so on.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 309

"How is this legal? Tricking people into paying for accounts by convincing them that someone is trying to message them would be fraud, wouldn't it?"

Then convincing somebody that they look beautiful and sexy in those skinny jeans would be fraud too.

Caveat emptor.

Comment Charity (Score 1) 829

Donate it all to a charity.

A charitable foundation that you create yourself and whose only purpose is to support poor YOU.

So you get the benefit of being known for donating all your billions to a charity, people think you're poor and yet, you can offer yourself anything you want.

Plus, depending on how and where you do it, it can save you tons of taxes.

Comment Cheap pilot (Score 3, Interesting) 149

I'd propose a cheap pilot for cities:

A cheap plastic label with a 3d barcode on every streetlamp that I can scan with my cellphone and click:

Light broken
Lamp damaged (accident etc)
Lamp is a danger (hanging over street etc)

Ditto for trash-cans, bus-stops, etc

Ditto for street name signs:

Lots and lots of potholes

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 1) 214

"If the car doesn't have a human shaped heat source in it then pull the car over and have an officer verify occupancy."

The idea behind autonomous vehicles is that after it has delivered us at our destination, it drives itself to an autonomous parking garage or just drives home to get the kids and drive them to school.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 3, Funny) 449

"I made up a fake profile on Classmates under the name of "Fuckyou Fakename" and within 24 hours I had notifications that "several" of my old classmates (including some females) had "read my profile" and "wanted to connect". And some of them had snippets of text that was grayed out with only the first few words showing, like "Hi there, remember me? I always..." (grayed out text....)"

Dammit, you missed the chance to meet that Nigerian princess.

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