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Comment: Old problem (Score 1) 100

"Have you ever tried hunting and pecking on a miniature keyboard that's been crammed onto a smartwatch's tiny display? "

Smartwatch? You young whippersnappers, you don't know what 'tiny' is.
We had Casio Calculator watches in the eighties.
Those had real tiny, real hardware buttons that had to be pushed hard.

And now get off my lawn.

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 2) 120

by nospam007 (#48019473) Attached to: Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

"Meh, corporations will simply set up mailboxes on Mars, much like they do in Luxembourg or Lichtenstein, ..."

Bullshit. I'm from Luxembourg and those companies have real offices here, they're just here because for the moment they profit from the low VAT of 15% here because of the current EU law, next year they will move on, when customers will have to pay the VAT to their local governments.

We can actually go to the Paypal Bank Offices and raise hell if there's a problem. :-)

Lichtenstein is something else entirely, there it's the foundation laws.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing for money.