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Comment Re:Love it (Score 2) 321

Yes it does. Litigants in person in the UK can claim £18 per hour for their time. If you hire legal representatives they can claim for their time

Costs also depend on parties being reasonable; court should be a last resort, so even if you win if you are unreasonable you may not get any costs awarded, or a nominal amount.

Comment Re:Utter nonsense (Score 1) 278

really, "anything" invllving your incarceration? No, what should be available are the court records. Not the sensationalist just-this-side-of-libel newspaper versions of truth, heavily editoriliased to give their message prominence and sell more papers. That helps noone rehabilitate - which is the purpose of the verious acts here. After a time your crime is officially forgotten (there, but not relevant - like expired points on a driving licence record) and you should be free to move on with your life.

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