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Comment Re:"Infringing"? (Score 1) 215

Thats odd, all round Asia I used it perfectly well, and the last 3 weeks I have used it 5 times, in 3 different airports.

Oddly the only place I ever had ANY isue with teh US, Chicago last year. Made me miss my flight while I went to find unhelpful airline staff, so maybe its a local issue?

Comment Re:Love it (Score 2) 321

Yes it does. Litigants in person in the UK can claim £18 per hour for their time. If you hire legal representatives they can claim for their time

Costs also depend on parties being reasonable; court should be a last resort, so even if you win if you are unreasonable you may not get any costs awarded, or a nominal amount.

Comment Re: So there is a problem...yes, you're talking bo (Score 1) 174


Most cars there over 1500 quid, over 100k is nothing for modern cars.

You're talking crap.

Comment Re:Not First Amendment (Score 1) 160

Thickness of the white lines (from the Scottish flag) aginst the red (from the cross of st george) tell you which way is "up" - look top left diagonal, if the upper most which line is thicker than the one below, it is hung right way up. Upside down would be where this line is thinner.

Comment Re:Utter nonsense (Score 1) 278

really, "anything" invllving your incarceration? No, what should be available are the court records. Not the sensationalist just-this-side-of-libel newspaper versions of truth, heavily editoriliased to give their message prominence and sell more papers. That helps noone rehabilitate - which is the purpose of the verious acts here. After a time your crime is officially forgotten (there, but not relevant - like expired points on a driving licence record) and you should be free to move on with your life.