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+ - Population Control is a Taboo Subject - Should it Be?

Submitted by theodp
theodp writes: "In the world of solutions to environmental problems," writes Adele Peters, "one topic rarely gets any discussion: Birth control. By 2050, the U.N. estimates that the human population will hit 9.6 billion, putting unprecedented pressure on the planet's energy and agriculture systems. But that estimate tends to be accepted as inevitable, rather than as a number that could (or should) change." Peters continues, "The subject of population control wasn't always taboo. "The bestselling environment-related book of the '60s and '70s was not Silent Spring, it was Paul Ehrlich's Population Bomb," says [Foundation for Deep Ecology's Tom] Butler. "So this was a huge and integrated topic of conversation decades ago, and then it fell off the radar screen." Part of the challenge is that the topic is now politically fraught both for the right and left. "On the right, if we're talking about the demographic trajectory of the human family, inevitably, this brings up questions of sexuality, abortion, immigration, women's rights, gender equity—all kinds of hot button issues," he says. "And then on the far ends of the left spectrum, there's a radical fringe that has tried to portray family planning as equal to coercion."" So, should we continue to ignore the 9.6 billion elephants in the room?

+ - Java API are protected by copyright->

Submitted by nickweller
nickweller writes: The Justice Department is weighing in on the hot-button intellectual property dispute between Google and Oracle, telling the Supreme Court that APIs are protected by copyright. ..

A federal appeals court ruled that the "declaring code and the structure, sequence, and organization of the API packages are entitled to copyright protection."

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+ - Judge Classifies as Class Action An Email Scanning Lawsuit Against Yahoo->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett writes: A lawsuit that alleges Yahoo’s email scanning practices are illegal can proceed as a class action complaint, a development that will shine the spotlight on the Yahoo Mail use of messages’ content for advertising purposes. Plaintiffs allege that emails sent to Yahoo Mail users by people who do not have Yahoo Mail accounts are scanned by Yahoo in violation of federal and California wiretapping laws.
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Comment: Energy saving vs winter conditions. (Score 1) 376

by norttipertti (#46226625) Attached to: Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams

So, new laser lights run with less energy consumption and cooler than traditional headlights. So either you waste energy on a heater that keeps lights clear of ice and snow or keep stopping often to scrape ice off the headlights.

I think I'll stay with the old technology.

Comment: Trellis works for me (Score 1) 321

by norttipertti (#27015745) Attached to: Best FOSS Help Desk Software For Small Firms?
I have been using Trellis ( ) both as a helpdesk and as a problem tracking and management solution between housing cooperatives and building maintenance companies.
It's completely open source and quite easy to modify to different needs.
Creating tickets with e-mail piping sucks big time out of the box, but like I said - easy to modify...

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