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Comment Re:Corporate speak (Score 1) 373

But nobody here is saying that we don't understand why they would do it. We just think it's a bad thing for a company to limit it's liability in the cases where liability is warranted. Yes, our legal system sucks, that's why we discuss legal issues on the internet. Is it all making sense now?

Comment Re:very very stealthy (Score 1) 260

Building a 'full' sized fiberglass mockup with made up instrument panels, and then flying an RC model around that's shaped like the full sized one, doesn't in any way shape or form get you any closer to having a real fighter jet. This is still just a farce, regardless of whether mockups are sometimes made of real planes or not.

Comment Competition (Score 1) 488

Given that this is occurring after a record breaking year of profits (due mainly to limiting users ability to add DVDs to their queue to only on the main website), you know this is nothing but a greedy attempt to keep profits rising. But with prices this much higher for the same service, they will open the door wide open to competition now. They may think they can charge us whatever they want because they are such a monopoly, but when you get this greedy, that can change in a heartbeat.

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