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Comment: Re:Uh Oh... (Score 1) 1088

by norman619 (#19549877) Attached to: Michael Moore's New Film Leaked To BitTorrent
I was going to pass on his current documentary based on his past films. I found them very misleading and him as very manipulative. He misrepresented facts and omitted facts which clearly contradict his very biased statements in his other films. Well I managed to see this one and am impressed. He was actually fair and unbiased. He let the facts speak for themselves. Teh actions of the insurance companies and hospitals pretty much spoke much better to the horrendous problems of our system than Moore ever could. His going to the US base in Cuba was kida stupid as well. Civilians can't get medical treatment at a military base or hospital usually so what did he expect? Did he expect them to open the doors to him? The only issue I had was with his statement that Cuba had world class medical care. That's a load and I knwo from first hand exp. I have family in Cuba and visit regularly. While it's not horrible it does not rate as first class. Maybe when compared to other latin american systems. There is a reason Fidel sought help from outside Cuba. Over all I feel this is his best and most truthful doc he's done to date. It was pretty angry after seeing how profit/money driven our system is. I may not agree with much of what Canada and France do but they have the right idea when it comes to medical care.

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