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Study Claims $41.5 Billion In Portable Game Piracy Losses Over Five Years 316

Posted by Soulskill
from the fair-and-balanced dept.
Gamasutra reports that Japan's Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association conducted a study to estimate the total amount of money lost to piracy on portable game consoles. The figure they arrived at? $41.5 billion from 2004 to 2009. Quoting: "CESA checked the download counts for the top 20 Japanese games at what it considers the top 114 piracy sites, recording those figures from 2004 to 2009. After calculating the total for handheld piracy in Japan with that method, the groups multiplied that number by four to reach the worldwide amount, presuming that Japan makes up 25 percent of the world's software market. CESA and Baba Lab did not take into account other popular distribution methods for pirated games like peer-to-peer sharing, so the groups admit that the actual figures for DS and PSP software piracy could be much higher than the ¥3.816 trillion amount the study found."

Comment: start him with game frameworks/sandboxes (Score 1) 704

by noric (#32390272) Attached to: How To Get a Game-Obsessed Teenager Into Coding?
I saw no posts modded "5, Informative", so I thought I'd take a crack at it. - software designed to disguise programming as storytelling. Aimed at young children and women, not really suitable for the 14-year-old-boy types.

He likes games, so start him onto games. Most first year computer science students at my university think they want to develop games. They figure out differently by about year 3. Start with Unreal Engine 2, or something like that, and let him build small levels for Quake/Doom/etc. There is a fair amount of programming-like scripting that goes into level generation.

Comment: Re:DotA legacy (Score 1) 118

by noric (#31689312) Attached to: <em>Heroes of Newerth</em> Open Beta About To Start
I have played hundreds of games of WC3 dota, a thousand games of heroes of newerth, and I have to say your perspective resembles that of other noobs who misunderstand the game. Particularly, this statement is just plain wrong:

HoN and DotA on high levels means standing around behind your opponents reach and shooting your own minions, games just drag on and on since no one dares make a move or they will lose what little cash they have scrambled together.

The more you play the hon, the more aggressive it gets.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Heroes of Newerth Open Beta About To Start 118

Posted by Soulskill
from the getting-closer dept.
You may recall last summer when we discussed Heroes of Newerth, a title from S2 Games that's based on the popular Defense of the Ancients mod from Warcraft III. We passed out some closed beta keys, and there seemed to be a ton of interest, in part due to the fact that they have a Linux client. Well, if any of you missed it or want to see how the game has progressed since then, now is your chance — the open beta begins tonight (March 31). There's a countdown on the sign-up page that shows when you can register.

Music By Natural Selection 164

Posted by samzenpus
from the survival-of-the-grooviest dept.
maccallr writes "The DarwinTunes experiment needs you! Using an evolutionary algorithm and the ears of you the general public, we've been evolving a four bar loop that started out as pretty dismal primordial auditory soup and now after >27k ratings and 200 generations is sounding pretty good. Given that the only ingredients are sine waves, we're impressed. We got some coverage in the New Scientist CultureLab blog but now things have gone quiet and we'd really appreciate some Slashdotter idle time. We recently upped the maximum 'genome size' and we think that the music is already benefiting from the change."

Comment: Re:Zynga (Score 2, Insightful) 102

by noric (#30474846) Attached to: Facebook Mafiosi Go To the Mattresses vs. Zynga
Yes, daily active users is a proxy for revenue. Furthermore, 11% decline in revenue is >= 11% decline in profit, right? This certainly has Zynga's attention. This is an interesting example of a company pissing off their customers in an extremely lubricated market.

Note that Zynga was never particularly concerned with the quality of their gameplay.

Comment: it's a feature, stupid (Score 1) 242

by noric (#30445656) Attached to: Google Unveils URL Shortening Service
The summary paints 'publicly display aggregate and non-personally identifiable statistics about particular shortened links' in a negative light, but this is actually a feature of

' is the only URL shortener that also helps your content get discovered! Every URL exposes your content to StumbleUpon's nearly 8 million users!'. Yes well now it isn't the only one :p.

Google does some bad shit, but I'm getting a little tired of people pretending they are clever because they 'out' google for doing some nefarious value-adding or reasonable activity.

Article on hacker news yesterday:
'If Microsoft had Google’s market share in search, is there any doubt that they’d be systematically demoting or even banning their competitors in the search results? Demoting someone in Google is a virtual death sentence, and yet not only has Google never been accused of using this vast power, the idea itself is almost unimaginable.'

Comment: Re:Very Poor Taste (Score 1) 204

by noric (#30435708) Attached to: Microsoft Fined In India For Using "Money Power" Against Pirates

Was using the term "rapped" in the summary of the article necessary? It gets rather old watching the word used so flippantly. Good Job bhagwad, you just surpassed Kdawson as the worse /. editor.


yeah! good editors should detect spelling mistakes, but I still may have been unnecessary to say microsoft was raped by a judge ;)

Comment: Re:How much does a missile cost? (Score 1) 192

by noric (#30391360) Attached to: <em>America's Army</em> Games Cost $33 Million Over 10 Years
You're modded Insightful, but your comment is unfortunately off topic. The Japanese were a credible threat, Pearl Harbor was a preliminary strike, to be followed by like, a real war, and the WW2 and modern day political climates are completely different. For one thing, the Axis really was the biggest threat to the quality of life of the average citizen, hardly a claim any terrorist can back up with data. Although I guess these days there is data to suggest that a single terrorist attack really can affect average quality of life :/.

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