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Comment: Re:Monospaced or proportional (Score 1) 814

by nordee (#33141042) Attached to: Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

No, that's right. Because all the characters are the same width (including the small ones like "i" and "." using two spaces with a mono-spaced font makes the whitespace after a period more apparent, because there is more whitespace around the letters in general.

Of course, I'm in the 1-space camp, but there is a visual reason for having two spaces in a monospaced font.


+ - Microsoft Affirms Kinect Can 'See' Sitting Players->

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AndrewGOO9 (1251062) writes "After the controversy surrounding Microsoft's E3 Demonstration of Kinect, which included everything from camera lag to a lack of ability to detect players, the company decided it was best to come forward today and straighten things out as best as they could. While players may have to stand if a game is expressly designed for it from the ground up (Basically removing the ability to fool the game into thinking your doing something), experiences like the Xbox 360 Dashboard, ESPN, Video-enabled interface and Zune capabilties will all be accessible from the comfort of a couch."
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