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+ - Is Delphi the next Database dev platform.. again?

Submitted by santakrooz
santakrooz writes: Delphi's always been known as a solid database application development platform, it just had it's 12th birthday on Valentines day, and now the Delphi guys are coming up with a completely new database architecture. The interesting thing is that it's backward compatible, insanely extensible, single sourced between .NET and Wintel native code, and... and written completely in Delphi. Ok I know Delphi's written in Delphi and there are "wow" apps out there written in Delphi like Skype that Delphi guys always like to mention, there was a loosely supported Linux version, so my question is, what can't you do in Delphi? Or a better question is... what have Slashdot readers written in Delphi?
Data Storage

+ - Nenest Web Application Framework

Submitted by
Tony Y.
Tony Y. writes: "Nenest ( is a web platform which enables anyone to create online software support databases. Users use Nenest Form Builder to create online forms, then use those form to collect, organize and store data. Those data can be secure for internal employees or members accessing only; or published to public by using social networking tools, including RSS feeds, Digg, and Sphere."

New Microsoft Dirty Tricks Revealed 207

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the sleights-of-hand dept.
Conrad Mazian writes "Robert X. Cringely has an article on the Technology Evangelist web site where he claims that Microsoft destroyed evidence in the Burst vs Microsoft case. Specifically Burst's lawyers had asked for certain emails, Microsoft claimed that they couldn't find the backup tapes the emails would be on, and while this was happening the tapes were in a vault at Microsoft — until they mysteriously disappeared. It's a fascinating story, and even names one person at Microsoft."

Comment: Re:Worth (Score 1) 200

by nooby_god (#13813069) Attached to: Fortune Takes a Look at Bram Cohen
How can this company be worth 8.75 million. What does it do that is worth that much a year? As far as I can see nothing. The only "product" it has it gives away for free. If it started charging a dozen open source versions would appear in it's place. Even if they didn't the system can be copied by others for virtually nothing. What is it with these really high value estimations? He doesn't have to sell Bittorent at all. Instead the company could start up a distribution network for Hollywood, the music industry and the TV industry to sell their stuff via the internet. The company could advertise "Download Season 1 of Lost with Bittorent!" Then everyone would be using that network to get the latest songs and TV shows. Bram could then take a cut of the profits or something.

That kind of company could make millions if not billions.

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