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Comment Re:Wow, all the animosity towards police (Score 1) 372

When did I talk about equality between police and civilians? I never did and neither did the article, so I have no idea what you're responding to. On the other hand, I'm referring to the original article, where the police is afraid of doing their job because they're scrutinized for their work, perhaps even taken out of context. I think you lacking reading comprehension and setting up a straw man is reality.

Comment Wow, all the animosity towards police (Score 2) 372

Yes, yes, a handful of police officers breaking the law means all police officers are assholes. Just like a couple of citizens breaking the law means all citizens are assholes. Great job, everyone.

Honestly, this is simple to solve. The police should start taking videos of everything they do as well. If an edited video pops up of them doing bad things, then they can simply post the video from their perspective. Now no more "look at this video of a cop beating this innocent man" AFTER the supposed "innocent man" kicks the officer, except not on camera or edited out. Mass surveillance works in every way. Govt. -> public -> police -> public.

Comment Re:Do Sergei and Larry have Kurzweil Komplex? (Score 1) 76

What's wrong with that? Lots of people are trying to live forever. You know that guy who owns Oracle? He wants to live forever too, plus probably every other billionaire. Hell, all emperors of China tried to live forever. Larry/Sergey are the only ones who are doing it with the expressed purpose of helping humankind.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 4, Insightful) 413

You mean, like the people in Bangkok who are feeling the problem of sea level rise every day (of course, they're also doing it to themselves due to over pumping of ground water)? Even if they stopped pumping water, that 2.5mm/year is still going to drown them very soon. Then again, I'm guessing they're all just "selfish self-centered coastal living fucks that have no sense of scale", and are all above the poverty line...oh wait....

Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 1) 413

I don't know, but I thought most left-leaning people in the US aren't against gen4 or above anymore? Furthermore, I think the argument against nukes are more nuanced -- most people aren't against nukes...they're against crappy nuke constructions, like Fukushima. But because they don't have any way of controlling the construction process, they go for the outright banning action.

Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 1) 413

I also do find it interesting that the Tea Party has slightly better scientific understanding than the average non-Tea Party-er. But given more data from this link, it seems to me that non-Tea Party Republicans are the true scientific illiterate population (not only do they have to lower their own average, they have to also be low enough to drag down the positive contribution of the Tea Party members).

Comment Re:Google doesn't target ads (Score 1) 233

You should really reread the post of the person you're responding to. Let me put it in a simple way: the coaching schools explicitly paid more to show their ads when is a male on the other end. That or others (non-coaching service) paid more to show their advertisements when it's a female on the other end.

We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. -- Larry Wall