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Submission + - AkamaiTechnologies Wasting peoples bandwidth

non-compliant writes: "AkamaiTechnologies Wasting peoples bandwidth on capped plans. Recently my net plan went over because of AkamaiTechnologies. This happened because I went to one of millions of sites that download Akamai`s load balancing wares on to my computer automatically, which imediatly began wasting my bandwidth to help Microsoft and many others including zonealarm to distrubute their updates. So far I have seen no security suite/Firewall that will catch or stop this or a way to remove this from my computer and system restore does not fix this. Are Akamai subject to a lawsuit for wasting my bandwidth/money and running my account dry ? Also is there a better way to load balance instead of using other peoples machines to do the dirty work ? (This load balancing did 53 meg in 1 hour on my machine)"

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