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Comment behind the curve (Score 1, Funny) 389

Google seem to be falling behind the curve when it comes to releasing new products. From a position a few years (months ??) ago when they rolled out GMail and google maps, it now seems that they are just reimplementing what others have already done. For example GCalendar is equivilent to Yahoo Calendar and this new extension is very like del.icio.us with the social part discarded. I like using Google and the majority of their offerings are good but there seems to be a "me too' approach to some of the latest stuff...

Journal Journal: GNU/Debian Troll: the definitive Open Source web destination 2


The Bruce Perens Memorial Debian Systems Research Institute, Hewlett Packard Headquaters, Palo Alto, California. 29th January, 2004. Debian Troll's Best is pleased to announce that development has commenced on what will undoubtedly become the preferred destination for Open Source and GNU/Debian developers, users and enthusiastic apt-get advocates everywhere: GNU/Debian Troll, the web site.

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