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by nobuddy (#47977541) Attached to: How to keep Student's Passwords Secure?

My work adopted Roboform for this, and I am mildly impressed at how well it does the job in any browser. Online encrypted storage accessible from any machine you log in to with your master account/password. Auto-fills the login pages for you as well.

No idea about cost, but they are cheap bastards here so it is likely pretty cheap. You can do it for your kid only with the normal version, or see if the school wants to use the enterprise version.


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The corporation has a profit margin or they would not be taxed. if that profit margin is so large as to require massive taxes, there is plenty of room to wiggle. Maybe they would pay less in taxes if they stoppped conspiring to artificially drive wages down, or hired US employees that are readily available and fully skilled for the job instead of claiming there aren't any and bringing in cheap H1B workers.

You know, quit the bullshit they do to pad their profits, and instead be a decent and ethical part of society.

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The laffer curve is a fictional construct of corporate greed.It is laughed out of any conference of economists for it's absurd leaps of faith and lack of supporting evidence.

+ - Fuel Cell Innovations

Submitted by Inzkeeper
Inzkeeper (767071) writes "I remember years ago when I first ready about fuel cells as a possible alternative energy source.
This sounded great: using hydrogen to generate electricity without combustion. The exhaust is pure water. I was excited ...until I started reading about the drawbacks. Hydrogen is not easy to produce, store, distribute, etc. The cathode is made from platinum making it expensive.

Years after losing interest, I decided to check on recent developments in the field.
I discovered that research into the use of fuel cells is alive and well.
This may very well become the disruptive technology that we hope it could be.
Here are some of the many recent innovations out there:

April 9 2013: Burn scrap paper and aluminum, add cheap catalyst and water: "cheap" hydrogen on demand

Nov 25, 2013: CellEra creates a catalyst free of rare earth metals.

April 29, 2014: Lawrence Berkeley and Argonne National Labs create a process that uses 85% less platinum and has more the 30 times the catalytic activity.

June 24, 2014: UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council experiments with ammonia as a source fuel.
It is relatively easy to store, "cheap" to make, and can be stored at low preassure.

July 2014: GE has developed a process that uses stainless steel as a catalyst instead of platinum.
The fuel is natural gas instead of pure hydrogen. The exhaust, a mixture of hydrogen
and carbon, is then put through a combustion engine for further efficiency.

August 4, 2014: Anglo American Platinum is funding a study into the use of liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) technology
as a means of storing hydrogen.

August 22, 2014: Stanford has developed an process for producing hydrogen from water using inexpensive materials and relatively little energy."

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by nobuddy (#46864289) Attached to: SCOTUS Ends Novell's Anti-Trust Cast Against Microsoft

Thomas is corrupt, a total money shill that votes the way he is told, and pushes the rest that way. His wife makes millions as a Koch lobbyist, yet he never recuses himself from cases that involve the people that pay his wife millions.
Relevant example (there are many many more like this):

Scalia is also a corporate shill. He attends the Koch right-wing money events, and consistently votes the way the Koch brothers tell him to.

Roberts, Alito, and kennedy are less corrupt, but do not hesitate to take tremendous pay for "speaking engagements" at the right wing events and vote consistently with Koch interests.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (2) Thank you for your generous donation, Mr. Wirth.