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Comment: Re:way to over simplify the issue win the summery (Score 4, Interesting) 174

by nobuddy (#46864289) Attached to: SCOTUS Ends Novell's Anti-Trust Cast Against Microsoft

Thomas is corrupt, a total money shill that votes the way he is told, and pushes the rest that way. His wife makes millions as a Koch lobbyist, yet he never recuses himself from cases that involve the people that pay his wife millions.
Relevant example (there are many many more like this):

Scalia is also a corporate shill. He attends the Koch right-wing money events, and consistently votes the way the Koch brothers tell him to.

Roberts, Alito, and kennedy are less corrupt, but do not hesitate to take tremendous pay for "speaking engagements" at the right wing events and vote consistently with Koch interests.

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by nobuddy (#46819447) Attached to: The US Public's Erratic Acceptance of Science

Until the Christians quit forcing me to fight tooth and nail to keep their lies and bullshit out of my kids schools, I will remain this "ignorant twit" that you seem to see before you.

Don't get pissy when someone learns to distrust a group that kicks me in the nuts every goddam time I fucking encounter them. Go leash your own radical fuckwits and the Senators they have bought and watch how much the hate dies down against the whole group.

Comment: Re:"Fully Half Doubt the Big Bang"? (Score 3, Insightful) 600

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The age is constantly revised as the ability to measure increases. usually it is given an "at least" age- the technology and methodology sets a minimum date that the universe cannot be younger than. Sometimes the method gives a range, as the 12-16B one did. Now we are at 13.77B, the next may narrow it down to a date and time...

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Not implying. There are a lot of willfully ignorant people that prefer their religion's tale of a 10,000 year old universe to cosmology, geology, astrophysics, and biology. but they really should be a tiny minority on par with other mental illnesses. Sadly, this affliction is rampant in the USA. Happily, it is a dwindling number, and perhaps will soon be eradicated.

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