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Comment Re: hey, CBS doesn't promote Fox, either (Score 1) 222

For years Prime was good. Entire old series, recent seasons of new series, and a buttload of movies.
but then one day it all went away/ ld series only have a season or two and the rest are pay-to-play, movies are a paltry selection. I have had prime since the day it launched- i won't be renewing when it expires next month.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 348

My take on H1b abuse and how to solve it:
Require the job be independently categorized (prevents high end programmers listed as "janitorial staff") and the pay rate has to be set at 150% of the current median pay for the area for a US worker in that position.
And THEN they must list that job exactly as categorized for US workers to have the opportunity to apply for- reviewed by the H1b oversight to ensure if there are qualified applicants that they are made an offer at the 150% rate.
THEN- if there are really no qualified US applicants- the oversight will review the qualifications of who they bring in and ensure they actually meet those requirements. if they are willing to accept a lesser applicant- they must review US applicants and see if any meet those lowered standards.
If, at that point they cannot find a US candidate, they must hire the H1b at the full 150% rate.

Submission Check whether Hacking Team demoed cyberweapons for your local cops->

v3rgEz writes: Turns out death squads aren't the only agencies buying Hacking Squad's controversial spyware. Town from Miami Shores, FL to Eugene, OR appeared on a list of US agencies that received demonstrations from the hacked surveillance vendor. MuckRock has mapped out who was on the lists, and is working to FOIA what these towns actually bought, if anything. Check and see if your city is on the map.
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