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+ - Second Life Permitting Spam->

Submitted by nobuddy
nobuddy (952985) writes "I recently received a spam, linking to Second Life's page. This invites you to enter the game, or join the game, and be teleported to a specific site. This was intended to let you guide friends to your home, or such things. Well, the slime have figured out that it invites people to their shop, and more importantly, noobs with their introductory 200 lindens to spend appear in their shop.... so these scum are spamming these links out. Bad enough, right? Well... add to this that Second Life has decided you have to be a member to report abuse. Meaning, you have to join, which teleports you to the shop, which extracts your 200 entry fee.. and they get the money anyway. An email to returned this: Thank you for contacting Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. Our support system has changed and we have discontinued the use of this email address. To find information on your issue and to contact support, please visit . Please note, information sent to this email address will not be read or responded to. So, you follow the link, and it says... you guessed it, log in to the game and report from there. If you do not have an account, you have to create one to report the abuse. The guest account they allow you to log in as for reporting says this can only be used to report login problems, all others will be discarded and ignored. So I found and called their number. Options, but none to report abuse. Selected operator, and it disconnected me. Tried again, same result. No extension, no talking to linden. So, the spammers have a free ride with linden labs."
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+ - Teaching Techs how to troubleshoot. Need input!

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nobuddy writes "I have an incoming gaggle of new Help desk techs. I was tasked with getting them "up to speed" on general troubleshooting tips.

Now, I have been troubleshooting for more years than I care to admit. What comes naturally to me, and seems blatantly obvious is usually not so obvious to others. So I ask the /. community: If you were teaching new techs troubleshooting tips in an hour long session, what points would you cover?

To me, checking processes and CPU usage is as basic as telling someone to put their hand on the mouse to make it move... so enlighten me on what would be good things to teach new techs.

Sadly, this is a Windows environment."

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