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+ - Call 9-1-1, get yourself killed->

Submitted by ajb44
ajb44 (638669) writes "What do you do if you discover a crime, and the criminals haven't seen you yet? Call 911 on your mobile. Problem is, some recent mobiles now squawk loudly when you do this, potentially alerting the criminals to your presence. A FOAF had this happen to her. Fortunately the criminals had already left, but she's now worried about using 911 when checking her woods for criminal activity. Verizon and Casio techs claimed that this is an FCC mandate, but it's not really clear yet. Please help tell the FCC, Verizon and Casio that this is a dumb idea."
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+ - Impassable Northwesth Passage is open->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The area covered by sea ice in the Arctic has shrunk to its lowest level this week, opening up the Northwest Passage — a long-sought short cut between Europe and Asia that has been historically impassable. Leif Toudal Pedersen from the Danish National Space Centre said: "We have seen the ice-covered area drop to just around 3 million sq km which is about 1 million sq km less than the previous minima of 2005 and 2006. There has been a reduction of the ice cover over the last 10 years of about 100 000 sq km per year on average, so a drop of 1 million sq km in just one year is extreme."
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+ - Creationists Silence Critics with DMCA-> 1

Submitted by Gothmog of A
Gothmog of A (723992) writes "As richarddawkins.net reports. An organization called Creation Science Evangelism Ministries has been submitting DMCA copyright requests to YouTube resulting in the Rational Response Squad being banned after they protested against videos being taken down and accounts being closed by YouTube. Rational Response Squad are attacking creationism (AKA intelligent design) and promoting the atheist viewpoint.

The copyright requests are claimed to be without merit by the Rational Response Squad since the material in question is covered by fair use or has been declared to be in the public domain.

Behind Creation Science Evangelism Ministries is the infamous Kent Hovind (AKA Dr. Dino) who is currently serving jail time for tax evasion."

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+ - 700MB of MediaDefender internal emails leaked-> 2

Submitted by qubezz
qubezz (520511) writes "The company MediaDefender which works with the RIAA and MPAA against piracy (setting up fake torrents and trackers and disrupting p2p) had earlier set up a fake internet video download site designed to catch and bust users. They denied the entrapment charges. Now 700MB of internal emails from the company from the last 6 months leaked onto BitTorrent trackers detail their entire plan, how they intended to distance themselves from the fake company they set up, future strategies, and reveal other company information such as logins and passwords, wage negotiations, and numerous other aspect of their internal business! torrentfreak.com details some of the jems!"
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+ - Free Superfast Broadband Internet from Google

Submitted by kihbord
kihbord (724079) writes "Avail of free and super lightning fast broadband internet. Installation kit comes with a FREE wireless router for your home. Service is available free of charge forever. Service is provided only by the best organization on the Internet — Google. Go to http://www.google.com/tisp/install.html to avail of the free service. First come first serve."

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