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Comment Re:Uber supporters (Score 0) 215

I can get an Uber any time of the day or night to take me where I want to go. An Uber shows up within 5 minutes - always. If I call the taxi company for a cab, one may or may not show up between 45 minutes and an hour - if one shows up at all. Uber drivers are held accountable for the condition of their cars, their appearance, their personality. Taxi drivers stink, are rude and their cars are always a mess. I would never use a taxi. I always use uber.
Better yet, for the world traveler, Uber works in pretty much all major cities, tied to the same account. No messing around with local vs foreigner rates, tipping, blah blah blah. Just get in and GO. Then get OUT when you arrive. I HATE arguing with cabbies over fares, rates etc etc. it's absurd. Uber gets rid of all that and gives me a simple interface and one point of billing. If Uber was forced out of my city, I'd go buy a car rather than use Taxis.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 180

Well it's down to 55c/ kWh over an entire year. Over 11 years it's actually cheaper than electricity. Assuming 50% utilization and a 25 year service life (rated, real world is expected to be 30) they are in fact both cheaper than grid electricity and by quite a bit! Especially if you are living on an island. Which about a billion humans are right now.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 180

Solar's pretty close to being cheaper than buying it from the local power company. Like, really, really close. Google's got a big fat bounty for reducing the transformer/inverter down in cost and size, that's the last step. Lithium battery tech is about to make a huge generational leap, solar panels are very nearly free (they pay for themselves in the first year), it's just the controller/inverters.
Hell if someone would sell a 2-Ton DC-powered Air Conditioning unit wired directly to some solar panels and an ultra capacitor, that alone would drop your power bill by 70% in the summer here in Texas and 30-60% during the rest of the year. Trickle charge some small batteries for daily stuff. Electronics just absolutely sip power these days. My 40" HDTV uses just 40 watts - that's one third of the power my 2.1 "home theater" system uses.
It might sound fanatical but other than my dish washer, washing machine, air conditioning and dryer, I don't think there's any one device that uses more than 100w of power in my house any more.

Comment Re:So how is this different (Score 1) 101

What is new?

It's a new piece of software, a new income to deal with in accounting, a new security vector, a new expense, and all in all, a new headache that will bring merchants little to no added value. It's going to die just like all of the new payment methods that have come out recently and are due to come out so

Comment Re:Offline mode on reinstall? (Score 1) 230

I'm not super worried about it, they are rolling in money, have no public shareholders to be accountable to, and almost completely hold a monopoly on the PC digital download market. And every time they fuck up with the community they backpedal as hard as they can. It's possible they will go under in the next decade, but that's longer than the lifespan of a console, so I'm ok with that. When Gabe Newell dies some day (he's what, 65?) then it could take a turn for the worse but right now they seem be headed on the same upward vector that they've been headed on since about 2004 or so. I will continue feeding them a few bucks a month in terms of game sales for the foreseeable future. If their health becomes questionable, I'll reconsider it, but I've been an extremely satisfied customer since at least 2007.

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