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Comment Can I get it without Windows 8? (Score 1) 167

I want an X51 with Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit (they will not sell it with this OS). So I am holding out until Windows 9 Pro 64 Bit is available. I like Dell a lot and would buy an X51 today if they would offer the OS I want. Maybe now that they are private they will work with us?

Comment Re:Which direction? (Score 1) 358

Agreed, if there is a 50/50 chance of me getting it correct the first time, I actually have a 100% chance of it not working on the first try. I like the functionality of Apple's new connector because it works with either side up. But my favorite charger was for my Nokia 8310. It was round and very easy to insert.

Comment Re: Why would it be infeasable? (Score 3, Funny) 374

My kingdom for mod points. This is sad but true. If we do ever leave it will be to mine unobtanium like in the movie Avatar, not to further mankind in general.

Picard tries to explain to Ralph Offenhouse from the 20th century that there would be no need for his law firm any longer: "A lot has changed in three hundred years. People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of 'things'. We have eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions." (TNG: "The Neutral Zone") -

Comment Re:Catwalk (Score 1) 163

Didn't 9/11 happen due to box cutters? Not even bombs or guns, or big knives. Of course, there are the shoe bomber's now. But those horrific tragedies were able to happen due to lowly box cutters. Recently, I traveled across my state for work with a co-worker. We had to rack some servers at the DR site. His bag had numerous tools like pliers and screw drivers in it. My bag had an unopened Arrowhead water bottle. I was pulled aside and received a personal screening while my co-worker waited for me, putting his shoes on, and holding his bag of pointy metal objects.

Comment Re:I blame textbook monopolies. (Score 1) 161

It was more or less rhetorical. Regardless of anything I would rather be doing, I don't have any choice but to be engaged since the kids are flooded with so much work. Options to move to a smaller town would be great, but for now it is not going to happen for me. Based on some offline advice I received through /. I am going to attempt to teach them how to study and learn, rather than focusing so much an helping them with the actual homework in hand. I would smarter to teach how to fish (so to speak) so they can learn for a lifetime.

Comment Re:I blame textbook monopolies. (Score 1) 161

I totally agree with this. The 6 to 7 hours they are in school should be devoted to instruction and the professional teaching techniques that the educators went to school to learn. My schooling focused on I.T. and business management, not in methods of instruction. Perhaps homework should consist of showing me a summary what they worked on in school and briefly explaining it to me. Usually explaining things I understand helps me understand them better.

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