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Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 291

...No CEO is worth double digit millions of dollars while laying off thousands of employees at the same time to "cut operating costs".

What if the CEO doesn't do it? S/He gets fired and replaced by another person who then does it. So to keep the income and lifestyle, blank the noconform thought out of mind, keep doing it...

Exponential growth (isn't GNP increasing all the time, hitting a bump once and a while ?) in a limited space just does not work.

Bacteria do this all the time - exponential growth, all goes bonkeres - limited resources, all used up, excretions pollute the space, all dies...

End of story.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 580

... Microsoft simply can't be trusted to not just do what they please here...

Looks like a lot more than just not trusting.

- A piece of equipment I own is in my house.
- I paid for some software to run on this equipment.
- The company selling the software disregards my desire to not look what I am doing in my house and steals information from me.

I think that's criminal and it's not done by some abstract object of a corporation but by an individual or a group of people, more likely a group and they should be prosecuted for using such a scheme.

What the frame of mind of those folks doing this that is another story.

Comment Re: The Republicans are destroying our lives (Score 1) 186

Republicans rule all three branches of our government so that doesn't matter.

So, and? Looks like people who can vote need to learn a lesson, just a question how long it takes and what gets destroyed in the meantime.

Can't milk a hungry cow and the Elysium implementations possible now still are on this planets surface. Not the first time a population gets decimated by some cause - climate change (ice age 70 k years ago), overuse in connection with lack of knowledge etc. Maya sure may not had the knowledge which is available now:

"We modeled the worst and best case scenarios: 100 percent deforestation in the Maya area and no deforestation," says Sever. "The results were eye opening. Loss of all the trees caused a 3-5 degree rise in temperature and a 20-30 percent decrease in rainfall."

One would think something has changed by then....

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 327

Some more info - 46' long

Pretty thorough documentation - Grand Jury in the US, Sweden going back and forth: "That's how things work in Sweden", he played along but the whole matter sure has a "secret drive" pushing it in a direction. The all-present argument is Security in danger.... who is endangering depends on viewpoint, as always...

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 327

How is....

Would the world without Assanges, Snowdans, Chelsea Mannings be a better place where the perverts can do their extraordinary renditions under the umbrella of secrecy in a democratic system with separation of powers - checks and balances remaining unexposed?

Maybe the cops being so hot to "get him when he comes out" should just play a round of basketball with Assange and then all go home...

Comment Re:Shit (Score 0) 327

Shitty guy, really.

Well, by my measures, he got framed and the whole show is staged by "hidden forces" who pull strings in a plutocracy - tsk tsk, don't do this - hit your fingers with a ruler..

Old fashioned teaching manners, won't change things, just makes them worse.

A story comes to mind:

Walking alone up in the mountains, a herd of elks like 200 or so are spread out on a meadow. I come out of the woods, the whole herd starts running away. If they were going against me - fat chance...

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