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Comment: Re:What else is new? (Score 1) 335

by no-body (#49730487) Attached to: Stock Market Valuation Exceeds Its Components' Actual Value

... Give me capitalism, even with the wide gap between the rich and poor, because in that system the poor are better off and there is at least the chance of working one's way above their current station.

a - there is research about the spread in income/wealth and societies where this spread is smaller, people are happier, so your claim "better off" = "happier" goes towards pipe dream.

b - your fairy tale about the chance being able to "just work your way up, the opportunity is there", that's the religious opium pipe dream spread creating hope to simple people and if you just look at the reality of the US educational system - equal opportunity for everyone, sure. You can find societies/countries where such a slanted system does not exist and they fare better in life experience.

Comment: Re:What else is new? (Score 1) 335

by no-body (#49719159) Attached to: Stock Market Valuation Exceeds Its Components' Actual Value

Yawn.... look at the history, the holy cow of "investing", stock market, mutual funds, compound interest, and what else have you on the current favorite fairy tales resulting in periodic crashes and always the larger part of a population is at a disadvantage and suffering.

There is no doubt that the wealth of the larger part of general population along with effective income is shrinking and may have never been different - the so-called American Dream may have been working for a short period after WW II and became another pipe-dream as it is now.

Just look at the US "democracy" - a totally corrupt undertaking; every politician is "bribed" or won't exist.

A consequence of what? Amassing of wealth and power in a small segment of population and all this is driven to a great part by the hyped Indexes where ups and downs are announced on all public media and people getting hypnotized by it's moves from early childhood on, imprinted for life as a religion.

Dream on....


Comment: What else is new? (Score 1) 335

by no-body (#49718477) Attached to: Stock Market Valuation Exceeds Its Components' Actual Value

Stock- or commodity market values are speculative, Netherlands(?) tulip frenzy comes to mind.
That this system fails does not seem to enter peoples mind since the greed of getting rich or more rich overrides everything else.

What one my think about is who will have to work and pay for all those "profits" taken and why the "bubble up" to the top - what is it - 1 % works to groom the cream of the crop even more and the propaganda of "trickle down" is a fairy tale.

Comment: Re:I don't know ... (Score 0) 25

by no-body (#49696031) Attached to: Kepler's "Superflare" Stars Sport Huge, Angry Starspots

Not sure if it's a "good" thing for "us" to be here. Mass extinction of species, ongoing wars and killings, the whole refugee situation in the mediterrian sea, human world population growth unmanageable, denial of climate change facts, a US representative claiming the earth being 6k years old.. Bigger sunspots would be just like that, bigger sunspots without all the other nonsense.

Comment: Are the individuals (Score 1) 66

ordering those kind of actions getting slapped in any way?
Criminal investigation, putting those crooks in court - anything like that?
No, company pays for it, and in end stockholders and customers.
And, not to forget who else gets a cut on those deals? Any idea, like lawyers, negotiators, what their compensations are on those with those numbers - all behind closed doors for good reasons... Sure, they don't have to deal with minimum or living wage issues.

Comment: Re:It was an app on a WORK-Issued Phone! (Score 1) 776

by no-body (#49670723) Attached to: Worker Fired For Disabling GPS App That Tracked Her 24 Hours a Day

... - witness the guy who intentionally flew the airliner into the mountain and killed all on board..."

This is how single events, as disastrous as the may be, are used by demagogues to play their game.
Look at the NSA complex, drone-strikes on "suspects", torture beautified as enhanced interrogation etc. nibbling away on individual's rights and general freedoms previously seen as granted.

You got talent and should go into politics, if you not already are.

Comment: Seems that (Score 1) 49

tight-asses are bubbling up to the top - or manifest themselves automatically in this area while other's just obediently serve in their allotted slots of existence.

Needs two - one part to give up their freedom by choice, subduing into being robots obeying written - with soldiers this seems to happen or not written with corporate ants and the demanding jerks being the counterpart and everyone is happy to live their life to the fullest?

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