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Comment: What else is new? (Score 1) 106

by no-body (#48109191) Attached to: Amazon Robot Picking Challenge 2015

Any means to safe a buck and increase "profit" is being used.
But who or which population segment is actually benefitting?
This definitely is not for the common good, rather a small segment of individuals.
Still trying to figure out, how many "normal" (average) people need to work to pay the income of - let's say a 10 Million income of some ?EO, let's say in the US?

Comment: If you look (Score 0) 534

by no-body (#48033123) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

at the current state of affairs between a multitude of human neural patterns in crowds which can be labeled religion, political doctrine/opinion, perception of differences in appearace and behavior etc. and adequate response patterns to any stimula to those, what would one expect as a result with another ET-variable added to this mess?

Just more BS with another variable linked to existing primitive routines in heads.

Imagine a look from some distance onto this planet, what do you see?

Failed use of recently developed neural capacity in one species causing destruction of life-supporting systems on a global scale.

There is no hope - just forget it ennnnn, program crash, core dump!

Comment: Simple (Score 1) 336

by no-body (#47802329) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

The whole functioning mechanism here is a question of supply and demand with heavily restricting supply and creating profit.
Every human lately devoid of fur is essentially naked, so there is an immense supply of nakedness.
Now, to create this market, supply is restricted, in many countries by law and heavily penalized, often with death penalty.
With those restrictions the market value of relatively few individuals showing few and then suddenly more of their skin create sensation and revenue.
In essence, who should care at all since once the restricted masses will recognize all this is just an illusion because everyone has it, this market will collapse.
So, be careful not to invest in any of this scam.

Comment: Main Problem (Score 4, Interesting) 91

with Ebola control is health care infra-structure in affected countries. A far cry from what would be necessary to contain further spread. There was one report on a radio station that there are like 10 doctors in a whole country (Africa, forgot the name).

Even if you have the best drug available defeating the virus in a day, it won't help at all under those circumstances - spread by body fluids from infected individuals.

The outcome can only be guessed...

Comment: Dreamer (Score 2) 442

by no-body (#47690479) Attached to: Is Storage Necessary For Renewable Energy?

Energy transport line losses across 1/2 continent won't do any good and there is no rolling sunshine across this continent, not even talking about "rolling" winds and tides always available.

So, what's the real game here with getting the prudent and necessary things done?

Arguments are researched for impact - example: The argument "jobs endangered" comes up again and again, if there is a demand for change. Any decision-maker does the right thing s/he is paid for....

Comment: Re:Made it! (Score 1) 117

by no-body (#47387157) Attached to: Lessig's Mayday PAC Scrambling To Cross Crowd Funding Finish Line

I have - they should be e-liminated, not limited.

Ok. Fine. That works too. But you're missing the point.

The issue I have with this entire thing is they want to use *my* tax money to buy ads for politicians I don't support.

Your point: Well, that has been tried, reducing tax you pay being used for stuff you don't like - try holding back the % used for war spending if you don't like it and see what happens. Looks like a hassle.

The tax system and government should be trustworthy, apparently they are not. Why is a good question. Not sure who the bigger crooks - corporate or government head-hanchos and who is doing more harm to the greater part of a population?

With Lessing - let's see what happens if he can avoid the ego trip and big head from getting Step 1 and Step 2 in his game together and stick to his plans, it may fail or not. Maybe he comes from another angle with more smarts for the better of normal people. Crowd-sourcing and PAC may be new and disappointment is probably big in people about what is happening with no real remedy in sight. With the small amounts of $ 3 and $ 4 spending on campaigns - everyone seems to be doing it now and there is a limit to exploit this.

Maybe he makes written and public contracts with politicians to hold them liable on their promises or better have commitments they later stick to in order to get funded. Sure is better than the humble/mumble backroom stuff going on right now.

It will show.

Comment: Re:Made it! (Score 0) 117

by no-body (#47387021) Attached to: Lessig's Mayday PAC Scrambling To Cross Crowd Funding Finish Line

I have no problem with laws *limiting* campaign donations

I have - they should be e-liminated, not limited. There will always be backdoors and workarounds.

Think the US Supreme Court with it's corporate-tinted philosophy would support that or the politicians cutting off their funding?

The system is purely money-driven, doubtful if the idea behind MAYDAY-PAC can change that, but worth a try.

Comment: Re:Made it! (Score 0) 117

by no-body (#47386969) Attached to: Lessig's Mayday PAC Scrambling To Cross Crowd Funding Finish Line

If he's successful, he'll take tax money from you and 300 million others and give it to candidates running for office.

If he's unsuccessful, you'll be a sucker and we'll all be a lot better off.

If a functional democratic system treats every candidate the same way in supporting i. e. financing after a certain popularity threshold is reached, who would that entity be other than an entity of the governing system in place?

As it is currently in the US, it's a hotchpotch of corruption destroying the very foundation of democracy. Can't even guarantee voting integrity across the board when some goons thinking doing the right thing are turning the screws somewhere in secret.

As for your aversion of using tax money used - where do you think is all that corporate money coming from? Who gets bilked and taken to the cleaner so the coffers of the "higher ups" in the pyramid - corporations as persons or individuals are overflowing?

Whenever you pay something, someone is taking a cut from it - at least you have the sales tax written on your receipt and there you know what is taken out.

I am happy that I can see my sales tax in roads getting fixed, public places kept in order, traffic light functioning, police working with gangs to keep the violence in check etc.

If you want to call me a sucker, look in the mirror to see one!

Comment: Underlying cause? (Score 5, Insightful) 361

Are they in any way successful in catching "terrorists"?

Hardly - maybe they caught one guy in - was it San Diego - to give money to some far away organization labeled as well, offensive/dangerous in some way (don't recall all details).

There was also a hearing and a lied number of 20-isch? was admitted but later debunked.

So - all in all, the tremendous snooping effort is not showing much result and essentially being a flop.

Remedy: Increase effort in more and more complex systems.

Otherwise, maybe it's just inner need for control, power and conditioned thinking which motivates and attracts humans to participate in this nonsense (religions come to mind following the same principle).
Actually a very dangerous route this is taking - thought control (if you THINK that, you are...) and modeled prediction of events based on secret procedures

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