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Comment It's not only GMO (Score 1) 513

But also farmed salmon - they are apparently fed either special food or plain color to get reddish otherwise their meat would be without color and not-sellable.
"synthetic colourants canthaxanthin and astaxanthin to give farmed salmon flesh a pink hue" - from there: http://www.farmedanddangerous....

Maybe they put the coloration into the genes of the salmons to avoid the paint.

Pretty much bull all that stuff anyway. Grow your own food and you know what goes in minus general pollution.
Obstacles: Need TIME, a garden plot, pond or a cage for chicken (needs a permit in some communities) - saw some people having a chicken in a cage in their garage....

Life gets more complicated by the day....

Comment Re:"Sequeseter" and just pass it on (Score 1) 91

Molten salt reactors are said to have, in theory, fuel remnants with storage needs of a few centuries rather than tens of millennia.

Any MSR's producing except experimentals?
Ma - megaannums, million years

Comment "Sequeseter" and just pass it on (Score 1) 91

to whosoever comes later.

First off, this seems far away from applicable but already the sequester CO2 hope arises.
Do those holey liquids exist in nature or is it another hydrogenated fat flop?

Now about sequestration, why is it hyped?
Probably less offensive methods, looking at planting more carbon dumps or grooming or reviving recently destroyed one's are less hip in those rogue capital/profit short time-driven systems?

Is the radiation loaded nuclear waste with half-times into the multiple millenia solved? Not even that and saving future inhabitants living a couple of millenia from preventing to dig into that crap once a permanent home is found - duh!

And the underlying reason for all of this is - ?

Comment Reason? (Score 1) 728

Who will end his/her life with a suicide belt or -car?

In those cases here, with participants shouting "Allahu Akbar" - God is great - there must be some benefit in their brain to be doing this.
Maybe it's such a desolate and hopeless situation they live in, that a fantasy escape (hope, projection of rewards into the future) becomes necessary to make this very existence bearable.
Another possibility for reason may be education and intelligence - being able to understand and see motives of manipulators in relation to oneself.

Now, since many, if not all thought models, be they religious or ideological, depend to function and gain popularity on similar mechanisms, fighting them would also fight their own basis for existence.

Which gives rise to the question if societies depending on mechanisms can eliminate identical mechanisms in other societies and what are the consequences?

Comment Heroes! (Score 1) 54

They are doing something FOR their country and as a consequence they have to hide it FROM their country.

Oh, sorry - one would need to define what a country is.
Hard to define these days, I'll skip that, isn't there doctores without borders, now this could be perverts without borders here.

My guess is that it's a conspiracy between "friends" to cover up heinous crimes against individuals done by perverts and signed off by "friends" looking into how the acts can be justified and found legal support for it.
But - this seems to work only if it happens secretly or some people would have their dreams disrupted and object.

Comment Not an issue for me (Score 1) 242

I discovered long time ago that I just don't get a cut on the ads I am forced to view in the form of $ paid.
Every time, a person shows up on my door asking me to sign up for some dish or whatever service, I ask that question what my cut on it would be.
Some laugh but all disappear and don't come back.

Comment With all this space hype - (Score 1) 171

Is there any knowledge about environmental impact this fantasy has?

Heaving the tons of equipment and initial human support environment against native planets gravity - does it help the ionosphere destruction some more and if so, how much and what is put into the atmosphere, is it just burnt hydrogen (water) or ?? and how much energy is used to produce the fuel?

How about bringing the harvest back - using the atmosphere as brake - how many more trillion-joules of energy would be put into the air and below?

My guess, by the time this would fly, some more pressing issues need attention, but one never knows what strings are pulled on the bribed political body in this clown-theater, so the dream continues...

Interesting times, that's a fact.

Comment Re:Black boxes ? (Score 1) 289

As for voice - apparently, there were attempts to change course and to an emergency landing on another airport and there was apparently an emergency situation then communication broke up. Your Russian "" assumption is probably wrong. If there is a will to get this resolved, there is a way, as seen there: No need for a 360x180 degree HD video. The delay in comments/news on black box content sure is weird and that's not addressed in your response.

Comment Does anyone trust those .... ? (Score 1) 247

Yearlong secrecy, closed doors, only some "chosen few" have a say and can vote... as it appears. What really is going on, nobody knows but one can only guess who will be benefiting from all that stuff.

Late capitalism symptoms, assets are accumulated on certain layers of entities developing their own laws and procedures ballooning even more.

Are actions performed benefiting the general population as a whole - hardly. Common sense actions are prevented and converted to serve those new laws in use harming instead of helping.

If one looks at the arrogance and deny of individuals in this "other reality" to serve and supply common needs, it's disgusting.

How many commons getting well, minimum pay or sustainable pay, have to work to create value to pay one higher uppers, be it a C?O, hedge fund or money manager? The value sucked in by some small layer in the upper crust needs to be generated somehow, who does it, the baloon blowers up there?

Interesting times we life in, that's for sure. ...

Comment Black boxes ? (Score 1) 289

They were found a couple of days after the crash and so far, it's only "suspected" what caused the crash. One would think that the data of those black boxes would reveal what was going on.

On other plane crashes - to find the black boxes solved the cause of the crash and the reasons were published.

Now this this, what is taking so long?
Sure gives reason to speculation.

Computers are unreliable, but humans are even more unreliable. Any system which depends on human reliability is unreliable. -- Gilb