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Comment: With swamp coolers (Score 1) 183

by no-body (#48957323) Attached to: The "Cool Brick" Can Cool Off an Entire Room Using Nothing But Water

you can replace the wood wool easily when it gets yucky. You may have an expensive problem with this "cool brick".
Algae, fungie and who knows what else can grow when germs/spores in air get blown into moist and porous material and start growing there creating a stink.

Unless this "cool brick" has some antibacterial properties, stuff will grow. And if one wants constantly present antibiotics around in a living environment is questionable.

I wonder how this should work. Has this been tested for a longer period?

Comment: Re:Let's have a $7/gallon fuel tax (Score 1) 334

by no-body (#48342137) Attached to: Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices

Great reply! I am always discussing topics like this with knowledgeable people.
One person tells me taxes and government are bad and it is good that in US, most people are required to pay for their own college/university education whereas in some other industrial nations, college/university education is free and therefore open to all segments of population, which is bad because individuals don't take responsibility for themselves when education is free and everyone has to pay for goof-offs. But that's another topic.

Taxes on every level, you'r right.. really bad, all should get privatized because government does a lousy job - just look at Obamacare, a total flop, which soon will get replaced by something much better which was there before.

All people already live half in paradise - soon it will be happening totally for everyone.

Comment: What else is new? (Score 1) 106

by no-body (#48109191) Attached to: Amazon Robot Picking Challenge 2015

Any means to safe a buck and increase "profit" is being used.
But who or which population segment is actually benefitting?
This definitely is not for the common good, rather a small segment of individuals.
Still trying to figure out, how many "normal" (average) people need to work to pay the income of - let's say a 10 Million income of some ?EO, let's say in the US?

Comment: If you look (Score 0) 534

by no-body (#48033123) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

at the current state of affairs between a multitude of human neural patterns in crowds which can be labeled religion, political doctrine/opinion, perception of differences in appearace and behavior etc. and adequate response patterns to any stimula to those, what would one expect as a result with another ET-variable added to this mess?

Just more BS with another variable linked to existing primitive routines in heads.

Imagine a look from some distance onto this planet, what do you see?

Failed use of recently developed neural capacity in one species causing destruction of life-supporting systems on a global scale.

There is no hope - just forget it ennnnn, program crash, core dump!

Comment: Simple (Score 1) 336

by no-body (#47802329) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

The whole functioning mechanism here is a question of supply and demand with heavily restricting supply and creating profit.
Every human lately devoid of fur is essentially naked, so there is an immense supply of nakedness.
Now, to create this market, supply is restricted, in many countries by law and heavily penalized, often with death penalty.
With those restrictions the market value of relatively few individuals showing few and then suddenly more of their skin create sensation and revenue.
In essence, who should care at all since once the restricted masses will recognize all this is just an illusion because everyone has it, this market will collapse.
So, be careful not to invest in any of this scam.

Information is the inverse of entropy.