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Comment Who is the culprit? (Score 1) 725

Someone who puts out some "speech" or someone with a receptive nervous system to take this message in and goes gaga with it?

I think the receptive part in this game owns the problem because it keeps it going.

Seems to be a basic behavioral circuit in humans and to make laws managing this in some way or another leads to repression and makes the repressed impulse stronger.

Comment Firing someone what gives? (Score 1) 152

Seems some kind of power trip of people "in charge" often done due to the need of looking good.
What does it to the person getting fired? Anything learned from it, getting a chance to do better?
  No such thing. Is it not a failure of the system in which this happen and the emergency solution is to terminate a person in a most humiliating way: Here is a cardboard box, pack your things and leave, you have no value!
  All looking good and satisfying to the outside s/he got fired - right so, s/he deserves it.
  Another way may be to use a system of issuing a warning and making the person understand and agree what happened was not OK, should be changed and if things are not changed, then some other measures may need to be taken.
  I can't help but seeing some kind of lynch mentality in those publizised people firing habits.

Comment Re:So 30% of 4% is 1.2%. What is attractive here? (Score 1) 299

And if you take into account the problems of implementing this, then this becomes one of the most stupid ideas to reduce greenhouse emissions...

Actually, on stupidity, I like the theory - or ”research“ result that a mini- or little ice age is around the corner, so actually nothing to worry about, all is fine, much better.
One wonders how much money changed hands on that one.

Comment One wonders (Score 1) 259

what the benefit of this popup stuff is and who pays/earns something here? Developers must get paid somehow. Seems some idiotic pipe dream. I get this crap - desktop, try a page reload if it comes up again, tab close an if the "do you really want to do this" - or similar, I get really pissed. What are those idiots programming this shit thinking? Poerverts! If I get this on mobile, I get so pissed that I do something else, no mobilem

Comment That's the usual BS going on these days (Score 4, Insightful) 317

disenfranchising users and using them as exploitable cannon fodder to be sucked on!
Who owns and controls my computer?
Some dork in a far away country living out his/her power trips or is it the insatiable, money greedy, total out of touch, higher-upper robot-C?O acting in delusion what needs to be done.

For chrissake, if you want to do anything on the hardware and software I paid for, kindly ask me and give me a choice.

Run fiddler on startup and see who has his dirty fingers in the box in your room.
Is this just a bad dream and when will it be over?

Comment Just another example of (Score 1) 133

disenfranchising people of their own power to decide for themselves.

The decisions are already made _for_ people what to look, get offered and is "good" for THEM instead of allowing the individuals it themselves from a choice based on their own unique criteria on an unbiased search tool.

Wishful thinking, sure....

One example I came across recently in justifying the removal of Android App Ops quoting restaurant search and GPS location to serve the right result in one's area.

Total hogwash! If one wants a restaurant close by, one would type in "Greek restaurant" near - no GPS location for any search app would be needed.
Enabling the GPS location will allow other factors outside of the individual to influence the result.

What tis this Apple-Shit doing with one's bank balance info? Modifying based on criteria totally outside of one's control, creating and storing more complex data about one, for what?

Creating a totally hypnotized society since this reality is eaten with cell-web access nowadays from early childhood on without any critical thinking ability.

Welcome to the automaton anthill under construction!


Comment Surface? Uh! (Score 1) 119

I got my hand on a MS Surface today and.. I did not like it! Can't glide two fingers on an object to zoom or shrink an object or glide to scroll in an object like the file browser but have to fiddle with a tiny vertical scrollbar to move the inner content.Seems they have some magnifying mode which I experienced as horrible, anxious to get out of it as quickly as possible. Seems not to be on todays state of art level with their interface.

Comment How good are those Systems? (Score 1) 654

If it takes 2 hours to go with public transport and 30 minutes with a car you can't lure anyone with free rides.
US Is a car country - didn't they rip out tram rails in LA to make more people use freeways or because they were no longer needed?
Maybe an urban legend?
I need to go to a supermarket, 2 miles away
- public transport currently a free ride in this city: call some number to get picked up and then call a number again to get driven back, not very attractive
- walk with a backpack, not very attractiver
- bicycle - maybe...
Probably will take the car.

Maybe in a more densely populated area with a regular and frequent bus service this would be doable.
Bus goes every 45 minutes from the next corner and passes by a supermarket, it would work.

Comment Ticket prices are rising anyway.... (Score 1) 394

Fuel/Oil prices dropped, did the air fairs?

I observe ticket prices on a particular route overseas and five years ago, it was in the area of $ 700 - $ 800, if one was lucky, even lower by $ 100.
What I am seeing now is something like double of that, $ 1500 - $ 1800 and higher. All on Economy.
On the way from there - 5 years ago to now, what have I seen...

Food served to be disgusting, charges for luggage which was free before, Allowable luggage weight decreased and now the size of allowable cabin luggage is apparently adjusted down - one needs to buy another carry-on case.

Then we have the 2-class check-in sequence. Is it efficient to load the plane from front to back - sure no, back to front would be the choice where the passengers coming in first would not interfere with the one's already at their seat stowing their luggage into the upper bins.

Nothing like this happens - first the front of the plane is loaded - first class, then business class, then the largest volume, economy after that, also in reverse, lower number rows first, obstructing the flow of incoming people with higher rows.

There are some planes where the "better" people have their own entrance door at the front.

All in all, another dehumanizing experience for the majority of travelers and the underlying reason for this is????

You are false data.