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Comment What could happen in a real situation? (Score 1) 235

Cave in?
Be nervous?
Remember a password?
Ah - wrong password, sorry - maybe this?
Darn, wrong again, sorry, maybe transposing letters, try this.
Let me try it ....
device wipes.....
Oh, sorry...

Consequence: possible obstruction of justice - hard to proof under applied stress.

Old "venerable" Blackberry devices have the feature to wipe when a set number of unsuccessful pw. attempts happen.

Question here:
Is that such an app to do this?
Maybe enter a wipe password?

Comment Re:MS? Privacy? Direct lies now company policy? (Score 1) 102

All this "doublespeak" is done by people, not a "Company", so if one works in a company, one has to give up one's integrity and surrender to the - let's call it "company spirit".
Why is this happening I don't know - is it fear driven (need to make a living some way, or some dream of "making it") and/or is the human mind so flexible that it just bends over and perceives this new program as reality?
With a psycho/sociopath this is clearly a pathologic behavior pattern happening in that manner damaging him/her and others.

Seems all this "double speak" coming from people working in big companies like Microsoft is simply sick - pathologic behavior and should be taken as such.
It has a big component of separation - the one side creating this "double speak" sees the other side as object to be manipulated and tricked.

Comment Re:Hang 'em high... (Score 2) 471

Legislating clean air has worked. Check out the air in Los Angles now versus 30 years ago.

Still ways to go - looking at the huge black clouds from diesel transport trucks going into the air at construction sites makes one wonder why this is happening. Fine dust particles staying in your lungs for good if you breathe that stuff in, which you do anyway.

The "Rolling Coal" movement is another fad going on raising questions about mental competence.

Comment As usual? (Score 0) 235

Damages - are they calculated by multiplying the number of downloads by retail price?
Like - ookay.. Everyone who downloaded a movie and the Site would not have been there would have bought the movie retail?

I wonder if one day it comes around that you get sued by a company for not buying from them causing them lost profit, like a mini-TPP?

Comment And the outcome will be? (Score 1) 125

It's a mess, irreversible and responsible for it is and can be made accountible for it: <void>
Consequences will be endured by future generations.

Since we are all going to heaven anyway, no problem, just fuck everybody else who comes after, they can't get us.

What needs to be done should be crystal clear, but with the holy trinity of the T-family, this is going to be very difficult.




Comment Re:Youtube has a movie (Score 1) 128


The role of very large corporate powers in government today is certainly concerning, but not entirely without precedent.

True - but the magnitude, global impact, number of affected people, possibilities of transparency with global communication possibilities for "normal" people sure is different.

The human mind (nervous system) structure allowing this to happen appears to be unchanged since the East India Company - maybe in smaller communities/tribal structures?

If you look that single individuals manipulate millions of people into destructive acts - that basic feature may be happening since your ancestors started walking upright.

Comment Who is the culprit? (Score 1) 728

Someone who puts out some "speech" or someone with a receptive nervous system to take this message in and goes gaga with it?

I think the receptive part in this game owns the problem because it keeps it going.

Seems to be a basic behavioral circuit in humans and to make laws managing this in some way or another leads to repression and makes the repressed impulse stronger.

Comment Firing someone what gives? (Score 1) 152

Seems some kind of power trip of people "in charge" often done due to the need of looking good.
What does it to the person getting fired? Anything learned from it, getting a chance to do better?
  No such thing. Is it not a failure of the system in which this happen and the emergency solution is to terminate a person in a most humiliating way: Here is a cardboard box, pack your things and leave, you have no value!
  All looking good and satisfying to the outside s/he got fired - right so, s/he deserves it.
  Another way may be to use a system of issuing a warning and making the person understand and agree what happened was not OK, should be changed and if things are not changed, then some other measures may need to be taken.
  I can't help but seeing some kind of lynch mentality in those publizised people firing habits.

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