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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 522

... Microsoft simply can't be trusted to not just do what they please here...

Looks like a lot more than just not trusting.

- A piece of equipment I own is in my house.
- I paid for some software to run on this equipment.
- The company selling the software disregards my desire to not look what I am doing in my house and steals information from me.

I think that's criminal and it's not done by some abstract object of a corporation but by an individual or a group of people, more likely a group and they should be prosecuted for using such a scheme.

What the frame of mind of those folks doing this that is another story.

Comment Re: The Republicans are destroying our lives (Score 1) 180

Republicans rule all three branches of our government so that doesn't matter.

So, and? Looks like people who can vote need to learn a lesson, just a question how long it takes and what gets destroyed in the meantime.

Can't milk a hungry cow and the Elysium implementations possible now still are on this planets surface. Not the first time a population gets decimated by some cause - climate change (ice age 70 k years ago), overuse in connection with lack of knowledge etc. Maya sure may not had the knowledge which is available now:

"We modeled the worst and best case scenarios: 100 percent deforestation in the Maya area and no deforestation," says Sever. "The results were eye opening. Loss of all the trees caused a 3-5 degree rise in temperature and a 20-30 percent decrease in rainfall."

One would think something has changed by then....

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 325

Some more info - 46' long

Pretty thorough documentation - Grand Jury in the US, Sweden going back and forth: "That's how things work in Sweden", he played along but the whole matter sure has a "secret drive" pushing it in a direction. The all-present argument is Security in danger.... who is endangering depends on viewpoint, as always...

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 325

How is....

Would the world without Assanges, Snowdans, Chelsea Mannings be a better place where the perverts can do their extraordinary renditions under the umbrella of secrecy in a democratic system with separation of powers - checks and balances remaining unexposed?

Maybe the cops being so hot to "get him when he comes out" should just play a round of basketball with Assange and then all go home...

Comment Re:Shit (Score 0) 325

Shitty guy, really.

Well, by my measures, he got framed and the whole show is staged by "hidden forces" who pull strings in a plutocracy - tsk tsk, don't do this - hit your fingers with a ruler..

Old fashioned teaching manners, won't change things, just makes them worse.

A story comes to mind:

Walking alone up in the mountains, a herd of elks like 200 or so are spread out on a meadow. I come out of the woods, the whole herd starts running away. If they were going against me - fat chance...

Comment Old old story (Score 1) 79

> Our brains have an extraordinary ability to monitor time.
If you can't manage seeing speed, either you get eaten or you starve because you cannot eat - talking reptiles, insects, even much lower. You are prey or looking for prey (redundant - not sure for what that's good).
Glad somebody is figuring out the how's after all that time it exists..

Comment Re:return to reality, please (Score 1) 357

Yes, that's what I'm saying: people lost the argument for prohibiting glyphosate use, so they are trying to introduce these restrictions by badmouthing GMOs.

GMO's are not just disliked because of Roundup-Ready GMO Plants entering human and animal food chains.
That's a continuous dislike in people often ridiculed as Tin-Foil-Hat wearers.
About 20 years ago, GMO tomatoes appeared in Supermarkets - tomatoes usually harvested green, then gassed in trucks to turn red did not taste to good. The GMO tomatoes tasted great, did they last?

Arent' GMO organisms foreign to some degree to all what exists in organisms?
Fish DNA modified to metabolize differently and grow faster and bigger. All OK, they won't escape.
Intrusive species invading an ecosystem - there are many - zebra mussles, salt cedars destroying grand canyon, big trees now wearing bellybands saying hey, I got the emerald ash borer from China, I'll have to die..

The argument for GMO - selective growing of plants for better properties done since millenniums is identical to GMO technology and therefore harmless, I consider as FUD.
There are genes of totally different species - humans included, as it seems - inserted into plant genes and from there, bleeding into the surrounding environment without control and long term effect research.

Thanks for at least admitting that kind of dishonest strategy.

My pleasure, hope it helps!

And what's particularly evil about that strategy is that it threatens lots of GMO plants that are clearly beneficial and could help alleviate malnutrition around the globe

What's on this "only possible to feed the world only with GMO" FUD story?

Somewhere was written that the food distribution - logistic - is the main factor for starvation, there is sufficient food produced on this planet.

The other main factor seems to be the growth of the human population on this planet - untouchable after the motto - more is always better.
There is no system nor consciousness in place to regulate this factor in any way.

There are numerous research studies, both experimental and epidemiological; you can look at them yourself. Whatever effect glyphosate may have at the concentrations found in food, it is so small that it is hard to measure. For practical purposes, that means it's not worth worrying about.

If you say so...

If you are still worried about glyphosate residues in food, you have the option of buying organic foods. If enough people do that, glyphosate use will cease.

Looks like the majority of GMO food is grown for animal feed. Not sure how much organic food buying at the grocery store would influence that.
But - animals excrete the GMO DNA, same food waste from animal feed, grocery store/restaurant waste, with this foreign DNA, all goes back into the soil.

Remember the trans-fat affair with this hydrogenated oil stuff found alien by human bodies? No similarity, nothing to worry about with this new GMO DNA...

But it is arrogant, selfish, and stupid of you to try to manipulate other people into buying one or the other product because you happen to be scared by it. And your kind of misbehavior is at the root of the "bribed 'democratic' political show" in the US: look in the mirror, you're the culprit.

Am I trying to manipulate you? Oh, you are so sweet, I love you, that's totally your program. If you are feeling manipulated, please get a ROM update.

Now the bribed stuff and your democracy, here you go:

From Robert McChesney
Recorded in Madison, WI on November 05, 2015
... There are five independent studies that came out in last five years by some of our leading political scientists, at Princeton, Northwestern, the University of Virginia, the University of California, and Stanford. They all reached pretty much the exact same conclusion: That the people of this country have no effect over policies of the government. If you want to know how decisions are made, you just have to see what the wealthiest individuals who are affected want, and they get what they want. Even when the vast majority of people want something and wealthy people don’t want it, the vast majority of people never win, ever. That is what the research shows......

How come, this happens?

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