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Comment: Effectively 100% gas - electricity conversion (Score 3, Insightful) 327

by nniillss (#29375751) Attached to: Lichtblick and Volkswagen To Build 'Swarm' Power Plants

You failed to consider that the target applicants are already using gas for heating purposes anyway. Now the heat production of the engine will be exactly matched to this need (same as before). All extra gas consumption is fully transformed into electricity (which is possible, even for only 40% raw conversion efficency, as long as the electrical output is much below the heat load).

So, overall, the extra gas consumption (compared to conventional heating) is transformed with 100% efficiency into electricity which is a vast improvement over all competing technologies with similar flexibility.

Comment: Integration with NASA ADS (Score 1) 211

by nniillss (#27515141) Attached to: Building a Searchable Literature Archive With Keywords?
No, I (theoretical solid state physicist) didn't know about NASA ADS, but it seems to cover most of the relevant literature (including arXiv and APS journals). So yes, an integration into I, Librarian would be great.

In CERN DS (with certainly a focus on high-energy physics) my papers are shown only up to 2006; so this database appears useless for me.

Comment: I, Librarian seems pretty close (Score 1) 211

by nniillss (#27509827) Attached to: Building a Searchable Literature Archive With Keywords?
What the submitter needs (and I also need) is an organizer for scientific papers with an interface for standard fields such as authors, journal, title, doi, http links etc. I, Librarian seems to fulfill this need; unfortunately with direct interfaces (for retrieving pdf and meta information at the same time) only with pubmed.

If anybody knew of (or planned for) an adaptation to physics (with interfaces to, the APS journals and ideally other journals), I would be very interested (even as a paying customer).

You know, the difference between this company and the Titanic is that the Titanic had paying customers.